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you can't

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Q: How can you know your i IQ without taking a test?
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How do you know your IQ?

By taking an IQ test

What is an IQ and how is it IQ measrued?

Your IQ is your intelligence quotient. You can determine your IQ by taking a certain test. :)

How can you cheak your IQ level?

Taking the Stanford-Binet IQ test

What score do you need to pass the IQ test?

You don't 'pass' an IQ test. An IQ test shows what you know.

What was Caesar's IQ?

The IQ test was not invented until much after Caesar's death. It is impossible to know his score on the IQ test without him being able to take it. Not True we have technology today to estimate the IQ of people in the past

How can you know your IQ?

Take a valid IQ test or some sort of standarized test that corresponds to your IQ.

Is an IQ of 80 good?

An IQ of 90 to 100 is considered average. The accuracy of an IQ test in the determnation of real intellegence is debateable however. All an IQ test can determin is how good you are at taking a test.

How accurate is an IQ test that I can take online?

If you take a IQ test online know that they are online as accurate as the company that you are taking them with. Some of them are rigged so make sure that you do some research to find on that is a accurate test. Keep in mind that a test is just a test.

Can you test a dog's IQ?

As far as i know no

How to find out your IQ level?

You could find out your IQ level by taking a standardized IQ test. These can be found at most psychiatry offices and online.

How can you find out your IQ?

There are on-line IQ tests you can take. This one: You will get the MOST RELABLE results without a calculator as you really want to know.

What is a parrot's IQ?

45 Many parrots get this Iq. Dont know how test it but it is true

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