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Just like any skill, learning and mastering the piano chords requires time and lots of practice.

The best way to learn and understand the piano chords faster is you should know how it is made.

There are different techniques on how to build piano chords. What I will tell you is how to build piano chords using semitones.

A semitone (also called the half step) is the smallest possible distance on a piano/keyboard.

For example:

C to Db is a semitone. D to Eb is also a semitone.

Piano Chord Formulas:

A major Chord Formula: 4-3 Semitones

Major chord can also be called the pleasant or happy chord.

For example:

To build a C major chord on a piano, you will use the C note, the E note (4 semitones from C. Db is the first semitone, D is the second, Eb is the third, and E is the fourth), and the G note (3 semitones from E is G. F is the first, F# is the second, and G is the third).

Minor Chord Formula: 3-4 Semitones

This formula is the opposite of a major chord's. Using the formula, we can construct/form any minor chord easily. The minor chord can be called the "moody" chord or the sad chord.

Example 1:

F minor chord = F + Ab (3 semitones from F) + C (4 semitones from Ab).

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