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How can you let azelf reappear?

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i know what your talking about but i dont know which one but all three of them will show up after you save them and stop palkia or diaolga, but they will only show up once. so you have to catch them. they will each be at the one of the three lakes. i think azelf is at lake valor. they are hard to catch. i used master balls on all. yes i did cheat XP. so good luck.

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How do you make Azelf reappear?

Azelf is a one time game event if defeated it will not reappear. The only way to get another one is to restart the game or trade for it.

How do you spell reappear?

Reappear is the correct spelling.

Can you combine mesprit uxie and azelf?

Yes let me guess the name... Mesprazeluxie? It's a guess.

Can you get blue powder back after dissolving i t?

Normally it should reappear when you let evaporate whatever you used to dissolve it.

How do you get to agunomu in Pokemon Diamond?

Agunomu is not really a pokemon in the English versions of diamond and pearl. It is, however, roughly translated to azelf and azelf is found in one of the three main lakes... I will let you find out which one it is though. :)

What is a sentence with the word reappear?

They waited for the ghost to reappear.No matter how long they waited, the magician did not reappear.

Can bacterial STDs reappear?

If exposed again to the bacteria, they likely will reappear.

How do you use reappear in a sentence?

The balloon will reappear in just a moment or two.

What is the prefix for reappear as a means?

The prefix for the word reappear is "re". "Re" means to do again, so the word reappear means to appear again.

Is Azelf legendary in Pokemon?

Azelf is a legendary Pokemon.

What type Pokemon is azelf?

Azelf is a psychic type pokemon.

Can you give me a sentence for reappear?

If you treat the symptoms and not the underlying cause, the problem may reappear.

Can genital warts reappear as herpes later?

Genital warts can't reappear as herpes.

Exam result reappear apgdca mdu rohtak?

what is the date of b.sc1st year reappear result

What happens in Pokemon Diamond if you knock out Azelf?

If you knock out Azelf in Pokemon Diamond, Azelf will be gone forever (unless you have saved before battling Azelf and shut off the game and turn it back on to try again).

How do you cach Azelf?

You need a reapet ball or a heal ball to cach Azelf.

Where is azelf Pokemon platinum?

Azelf is in lake Valor near Pastoria city

On tinder do the people you press nope to reappear?

On Tinder, the bunch of people yo press on never reappear.

Mesprit uxie and azelf are they sisters to Giratina?

No, Mespirit, Uxie, Azelf, and Giratina have no gender. Also Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina created Mespirit, Uxie, and Azelf.

What place can you get azelf in Pokemon indigo?

You can find Azelf in Vermillion City where Lt. Surge is in.

What level are mesprit uxie and azelf?

Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf are all Level 50.

Where do you find azelf on Pokemon HeartGold?

you cant get azelf that isn't a kanto or jhoto Pokemon.

How do you use the word reappear in a sentence?

The cat would vanish mysteriously for days, then reappear still apparently healthy and well-fed. In some cases of malaria, symptoms will reappear over a period of weeks or months.

Does mesprit like azelf?

Yes Mesprit likes Azelf. She has a crush on him I'm a fan of AzelfxMesprit

Why is Azelf called Azelf?

It comes from "Azure" referring to its colour and "Elf" referring to its psychic type.

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