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How can you let your friend who's a girl know that you love her?


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September 07, 2008 4:22AM

Do you mean that you love her and you want a romantic relationship? Or just that you love her as a friend? Odd how many posts are just like yours and yet, many people still don't get it that friendship and love is really one. Especially when you are considering a serious relationship or contemplating marriage. Take it slow and easy and don't just blurt it out. Why don't you say to her one night, "Say, we've known each other a long time and we really get along. What do you think if we go out together on a real date?" If she asks what you mean say, "Well, like a couple. A real date." See how she takes that comment and if all goes well, then you'll have your answer .... she's interested enough in you re a possible love relationship and wants to give it a try. If she doesn't, then she could joke about it and say "why ruin a good thing" and then you'll also have your answer. This way you don't risk your friendship and you keep your dignity in tact. Good luck! Marcy