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Do you mean that you love her and you want a romantic relationship? Or just that you love her as a friend? Odd how many posts are just like yours and yet, many people still don't get it that friendship and love is really one. Especially when you are considering a serious relationship or contemplating marriage. Take it slow and easy and don't just blurt it out. Why don't you say to her one night, "Say, we've known each other a long time and we really get along. What do you think if we go out together on a real date?" If she asks what you mean say, "Well, like a couple. A real date." See how she takes that comment and if all goes well, then you'll have your answer .... she's interested enough in you re a possible love relationship and wants to give it a try. If she doesn't, then she could joke about it and say "why ruin a good thing" and then you'll also have your answer. This way you don't risk your friendship and you keep your dignity in tact. Good luck! Marcy

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When do you tell a girl whos your friend that you love her?

you dont!

Whos Chris Brown's Girl Friend?


When do you get a girl whos your friend to be a girlfriend?

Once your in the friend zone it's hard to get out of it

What does it mean if a guy whos not gay or anything needs feminine help from his friend whos a girl?

It doesn't mean anything. You might just need help with something that a girl might know. There's nothing to it.

Whos your nexed girl friend?

someone who can spell "next" correctly.

What should you get your best friend that's a girl for Valentines Day?

it depends on whos the giver, a boy or a girl.

Who does parry love?

parry loves a girl whos name he doesn't no

Is it wrong to like a best friend whos a girl?

no if you like her that's fine. good for you

Books summary its about a boy named xavier whos a vampire and a girl named eliza who falls in love with him?

The summary of Wattpad book is: Its about a boy named xavier whos a vampire and a girl named eliza who falls in love with him.

What do you do if you like a girl whos already with your friend?

* If you want to keep your friendship then respect the fact that he has the girl and you don't. The only time you should step in is if they breakup. Never lose a friend over a girl!

How can you love someone?

youll know when you see it. just date the guy or girl give them some time and youll find out whos your soulmate soon enough.

When is LOST GIRL coming back on?

Umm whos that cause i dont know

Why does my friend whos a girl and im a girl keep staring at me?

It could be just coincidence. I wouldn't read too much into it or think anything of it.

Today about a guy in love with a girl whos marring another guy?

whatta scandal! :O

How can you talk to your friend but his girlfriend is a jelous type?

Just let her know first that your not a threat. Let her know your just a friend and not someone whos trying to take her bf away. R-asure her shes safe and then gradually ask her permission to talk to him. girls love when a guys (girl) friends ask if they cans till talk to him and let them know theres nothing to worry about. Who knows she might just be your friend too. Good luck :)

What should a boy do if would like to dress up like a girl?

Try getting a Professional makeup person. You can use for example, your sister, a friend whos a girl, your mom, or try to get a professional at makeup. Also from your sister, a friend whos a girl, or your mom, try to borrow their girlyest clothes. GOOD LUCK!!!! PS: Have her paint your nails with nail polish!

Who is the girl from Hannah Montana that cares a lot for the environment?

Sarah. she's also the one whos in love with Jackson.

In Taylor Swift's music video fifteen whos that girl in the end?

That's Abigail Anderson, her best friend in real life

Who do you choose your boyfriend whos been your best friend for years or the boy you fell in love with whos hurt you before but changed his ways?

Being in relationships are important and being able to support them is even better. Going for someone who you know well who respects you the best , cares for you the most are helpful points. As long as you know who cares the best, who respects you and who can be there for you that's the answer.

Whos Nelly nefertari villasana melendez?

Nelly Nefertari Villasana Melendez is my girl friend, and a wonderful and lovely young women. HCGTZ

You fallin love for your best guyfriend but he is in love with your bestfriend whos a girl-she doesnt like him back buthe doesnt know you likehim-both girls leave hints allover-your too shy 2 tell him?

Tell him everything that you just put and does your bff know?

Who is the girl who was in she will be loved by Maroon 5?

whos in the girl in she will be loved

What should you do if suddenly your boyfriend stop contacting you?

You should try to date her best friend to make her jealious. Whos know you just might have more in common with her friend.

Is that a probmle if you love same1 whos youger then you does the boy have 2 be bigger then the girl?

Ofcourse not! But, your not going to get anyone if you can't spell problem and the.

Whos the cutest out of the Jonas bros?

who cares you love who you love