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How can you lighten the trigger on a Revelation Model 101 22 lr?

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Pretty much ain't gonna happen. The trigger spring can be replaced and the sear angle polished, but very little of that will cause the gun to become unsafe. Not a job we would accept.

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Who makes the Revelation model 101?

It's a Savage Model 73

Who made the Revelation model 101 for Western Auto and how old is it?

Not sure on when it was made but it was produced bt Savage. The Model # Savage used was model 73. If you need parts thst how I was able to repair my Revelation model 101

What is estimated value of Revelation Model 101 22 Cal single shot rifle?


Where can you find parts for a revelation 22 lr model 101?

The Savage model 73 rifle, marked as Revelation 101 for the Western Auto Stores chain. Check with your local dealer- Numrich is out of them, but there are several wholesale sources that HE can access that may have one. Good luck-

Can you get parts for a 22 caliber ss revelation model 101?

Try gun shops, want ads,, gun show.

What are the release dates for Pure Bible Study - 2010 Revelation 101 Introduction to the Book of Revelation Bible Study?

Pure Bible Study - 2010 Revelation 101 Introduction to the Book of Revelation Bible Study was released on: USA: 29 December 2010

What is the value of a Revelation Model 99 Pistol made by Western Auto Supply 9 shot 22 cal?

One recently sold for $101 in online auction.

What is the value of a western auto supply revelation 22 cal 9 shot model?

One recently sold at online auction for $101, in good, usable condition.

How do you take out a firing pin out of a revelation 101?

You must go to a gunsmith.

What is the value 1964 Winchester model 101?

What is the value of a Winchester model 101 bought new in 1964?

Where to find shotgun parts for a Revelation shotgun?

Modle 101 1380 410 shotgun

What is the value of a Sentinel 22 Pistol Model R-101?


What do you do for a math model?

101 71

Where can you find out the date of manufacture of a model 101?

The Blue Book of Gun Values has a listing of Winchester Model 101 manufacture years by serial number. This listing, though, ends in 1971 and the Model 101 continued in production for many years after that.

Where was daisy bb gun model 101 made?

You question is not quite accurate. Daisy never made a BB GUN model 101. They did make a number 101 model 36 BB RIFLE not a gun it was made in Plymouth Mich.

What is the value of a marlin model 101 bolt action 22 rifle?

marlin model 101 22 calsl-lr 27438484 ? year

How old is Winchester model 101 serial number 204307?

Your Winchester model 101 20ga shotgun was made by Winchester in june,of 1966.

What is the manufacture date of Winchester Model 101 serial no K317424?

I would say that your Winchester model 101 was made in the mid 1970,s.

How old is Winchester model 101 serial number K122895?

Your serial number indicates that your Winchester model 101 was made in June,1969.

Winchester Model 101?

OU shotgun.

Is the ring pull bolt on my Marlin model 101 factory or a later add on?

My Model 101, from 1963, has the ring pull out bolt. It is original factory equipment.

What model savage Stevens is a ranger 101-14?

i think it is a model 37

High standard 22 cal model R- 101?

No such Model name.

Where can I find a Winchester Model 101 parts breakdown?

try I found the 101 manual here.

What are the Marlin model 101 production years?