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Turn your key to accessory, but watch out, it will drain your battery

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When was Border Drive-In Theatre created?

Border Drive-In Theatre was created in 1991.

What do modern Aztec do?

they listen to their IPOD touch, send text messages through their Blackberry and drive themselves to see a movie by their Land Rover. they listen to their IPOD touch, send text messages through their Blackberry and drive themselves to see a movie by their Land Rover.

Where is it possible to listen to Drive By by Train?

There are many places to listen to the song Drive By Train on the internet. You can listen to the song Drive by Train on YouTube, Idolator, Myspace, and sojo1049.

Your engine failed after driving through a flood who is liable?

You are. Don't drive through a flood. A car engine was not intended to be submerged in water, particularly dirty flood water.

What are the release dates for The Summer Drive-In Theatre - 1997?

The Summer Drive-In Theatre - 1997 was released on: USA: 22 April 1997

What type of device does the car use to move?

Engine, connected to the gearbox via the clutch and final drive through a differential to the drive wheels

How does propeller shaft works in automobiles?

The prop, or drive shaft works by transferring power(through rotary motion) from the engine to the rear axle - assuming it's a front-engine, rear-drive car.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Summer Drive-In Theatre - 1997?

The cast of The Summer Drive-In Theatre - 1997 includes: Jim Menza as Host

What does the rear drive shaft do?

The rear drive shaft on any rear-wheel-drive vehicle is the link between the engine/transmissioni combo and the rear end. It's through this that all the torque developed by the engine is applied to the rear wheels. Nathan

How does power get into your cars?

Power is created by the engine to drive the car and to provide electrical power through the alternator.

How long can you drive on tred?

it all depends on where you drive, how you drive, and how often you drive.listen im 12 and i can figure that out? that is sad.

Can you still drive your car if the water pump is bad?

You can not, and should not drive a car that has a bad water pump. The water pump pumps coolant through the engine. You engine will overheat and die without a functioning water pump.

Do you need a hard drive to put music on Xbox 360?

Yip , memory cards don't work, however you can listen to music through a USB

How dangerous is it to drive with a hole in your engine?

you cant drive your car if you have hole in your engine because your engine is a propeller for your car.

Where is the distributor on a 1998 Chrysler Sebring 2.5l v6?

Rear drive side of the engine.Rear drive side of the engine.

What is the name of the drive in in Grease?

The drive-in where Sandy walks out on Danny is called the Twi-Light Drive-In Theatre. Isn't it ironic that Sandy walked out of a drive-in?

What is vehicle layout?

The only vehicle layout I know of is used to describe the location of the engine in the vehicle and where it's drive wheels are: Front engine Front Wheel Drive Front engine Rear Wheel Drive Front engine All Wheel Drive mid engine Rear Wheel Drive mid engine AWD Rear engine RWD rear engine AWD never hear pf a Mid engine FWD or rear engine FWD

Your Daewoo lanos is making a knocking sound what do you do?

I would recommend taking it to a mechanic and have them listen to it. Everyone's definition of "knocking" is slightly different. Try not to drive it for too long; engine knocks can usually cause pretty severe damage to an engine.

Are land rovers famous?

yes because they have a great engine and can drive in deep snow, through rivers and on muddy roads. sometimes they are hard to fix but they are excellent cars to drive

What is the difference between hyper drive and warp drive?

Warp drive has a powerfull engine that warps space around it and hyper drive travels through space in a streight line where as warp bends the fabric of space to travel from one destination to another

In sports cars what type of engine arrangement is used?

Either a transverse engine for front wheel drive cars (and the occasional rear engine, rear wheel drive car), or a longitudinal engine for front/mid-engine, rear wheel drive cars.

Is the 3s engine a rear wheel drive engine?

yes it is a rear wheel drive Automatic transmission

Can you drive your car with a cracked engine block?

You can drive a car with a cracked engine block, but it will eventually stop running. The engine will go out completely after time.

Replacing motor in a 98 Stratus and I have heard that part of the axle is through the block. Is this fact or fiction?

This is not true. Neither drive axle runs through the engine block.

All transverse engine layouts are associated with front wheel drive?

No, There are, rear engine, mid engine and all wheel drive applications as well