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What controls the factors of production in a socialist economy

Which of these is not considered strictly a service

Best describes the work of Herbert Spencer

Choose the term that fits this definition taxes levied on the removal of natural resources

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Q: How can you locate other people who are going through the same situation you went through?
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What is a personification in the book A Taste of Blackberries?

This book is about a boy and his best friend going through hard situation and how they overcome that situation.

How can you raise money for cancer?

Start a bake sale at your school or get people to donate money and I'm sure they will understand because they are not the people having cancer and going through that situation.

What is the meaning of Death defying acts?

Going into a situation where you are risking your life through death.

Who sings this - this is my life I'm going through changes?

people going through puberty?

Where can one find support when going through a divorce?

One may need counseling, financial and legal support when going through a divorce. For counseling, the family and friends are ideal as they are considerate of the situation.

When does a bank shot occur in basketball?

A 'bank shot' is a shot that hits the backboard before going through the ring for a score or not going in to create a rebound situation.

What does it mean if you dream that you were dreaming?

This signifies that you are in a very emotional state. You are very worried and fearful about a situation or circumstance that you are going through.

Why do people going through chemo get nauseous?

Because of the radiation

What effect did grant and Sherman's situations have on the people of the north?

Their situation gave to the people of the North the awareness the Union was going to win the war.

What is an antonym for situation?

nothing going on

What do you think about this situation?

Its going great!

What is a pandas behavior?

A panda's behavior depends on the situation that the panda is going through. If the panda has cubs for example it might become aggressive.

How do you locate authors so as to obtain permissions to use copyrighted works?

try going through the publisher of the book. On the copyright page there should be contact information.

What are comforting words?

Just try to understand them, you won't fully understand the situation they're going through... Make sure they know you care...

How can one locate a Washington Mutual ATM when traveling?

One can locate a Washington Mutual ATM when traveling by locating the information on their cell phone and by going to Chase's website. After going to Chase's website, you go to Site Map and are able to locate your information.

What was going on socialy in the new york colony?

many people had jobs, and there was a lot of trade going on through the waterways

How do you locate an exchange student from Australia?

You can locate an exchange student from Australia through a number of ways. One of the ways you can do this is by going online and joining sites that offer the service. You can also contact Australian schools to get more information on those students willing to exchange.

How can you locate a SIM card that is not in use anymore?

you can locat it by going to your service provider and serch locate sim card then type in the sim card #

How do use tangential in a sentence?

He was not interested in the situation of the people planning to go on the cruise, so his mention that they were going was only short and tangential.

Can a boy that is going through puberty get you pegnant?

Yes, it is very much possible. But people going through puberty should not be having sex. Be sure to use protection in future.

What is the current economic situation of Somalia?

There not going well

Why do people smoke and drink?

Because they might be stress or going through something in there life.

How can one locate an ordinance survey?

An ordnance survey map of an area can be located by going to the OS website. They provide various tools that allow people to find which map they want and which scale of detail they want. The maps are sold online directly or through many newsagents.

Which is the best organizational chart-?

One kind of organizational chart is a flow chart. This type of chart helps to gauge the proper response of a situation by going through all of the potential reasons for the situation. A flow chart would be the best organizational chart for a situation that requires a thoughtful action.

What is easy going attitude?

An "easy going attitude" is a thoughtful approach to interpersonal situations, considering the situation and people involved as opposed to strictly following a hard and fast set of rules.