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Do lots of sit-ups and crunches Okay no. All that will do is build up your layer of muscle. Your stomach goes... Muscle, fat, and then skin so by doing crunches and sit ups all it does is make your abs bigger. Not burn fat. By doing this u will ultimatly end up looking bigger than before.

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โˆ™ 2008-01-30 03:59:46
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Q: How can you lose weight from your stomach while keeping your bust?
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Bust smaller lose weight?


What can make your bust size increase?

Your bust size can increase with exercise, gaining weight and protein supplements. You want to be careful not to gain weight in the wrong places.

Can you excersise without losing your bust?

everyone loses weight differently, and with certain diets or workouts, we can target a specific area somewhat. weights build muscle--like those UNDER the bustline....and a moderate diet will cause an overall weight loss--including the bust area. I have a friend who cannot lose weight in her bust, no matter what...she'd like to also. others have lost weight in the bust FIRST, and cannot seem to ever lose their butts.

How does your stomach feel when your pregnant?

Bloated, kinda like when you over eat and you feel like your stomach is about to bust open, yea well get use to that feeling for 9mths :)

Height and weight of Raven Symone?

Height - 5'3" Weight- 219 Measurements- Waist - 34 inches --- Bust 36D

What is ideal weight for woman of 169 cm?

Well, it depends. If she has a small bust it is about 50 kilograms (1 kilogram = 2.2). If she has a bigger bust it is 55-60 kilograms

What is the average hip 14 year old?

this answer depends on the other measurments; bust, waist, height and weight. The average of a healthy 14 year old is 30" to 36". I am 31" and my bust is 32", waist 22", height 5"4 and weight 100 lbs.

What is right size of bust for a 19 year old girl?

(assuming you mean bust)* There are no normal or "right" sizes of a bust depending on age however there can be proportions that are accurate for your body type. Average your height and weight to see around where your bust should lay. A woman shouldn't have terrible back pain (outside normal amounts) with your breasts.

What causes blood vessels to bust in your foot?

obesity you gottah lose weight and see your docter asap

Can you lose weight by riding a bike every day for a hour?

Yes, but only if you bust your butt for that whole hour.

What are the ways to increase your bust size naturally?

When they grow during puberty or by gaining weight and hope the fat goes to the bust or by getting pregnant (but then it's temporarily). There are no cremes or massage etc, those are all myths.

If you are 169cm tall 56 kg weight and have small bust are you fat?

i am 65 kg my height is 169 cm me age is 19 who can is lose 9 kg weight

What is IT bust in information technology?

what is IT bust

What are Kate beckinsale's measurements?

Height : 5'7 Weight : 120 lbs Bust : 34 Hips : 32 Waist : 32

Are you curvy if you have a big chest and hips but a small waist?

Absolutely.... that is the definition of curvy... hourglass... not big bust big stomach big ass... that is called a blob

What is the ideal weight and body fat for a woman age 48 and 5 foot 4 inches in height?

It depends. If the woman has a very small bust it is about 50 kilograms. If she has a bigger bust it is normal for her to be between 55 and 60 kg.

Want to increase bust size within 2 weeks?

Victoria secrets has padded bras and maximizers that shift your breast into a larger look. You can try upper body exercise, but bust size is directly proportional to weight and genetics.

Which planets gravity is so strong it can bust a scale?

Gravity alone can't bust a scale. No matter what planet you're considering, the bust factor depends on the range of weight the scale is designed to measure, AND the weight of whatever you put on the scale. Take a 0-1 gm precision laboratory balance right here on Earth, and gently place a watermelon on it, and the balance can become busted pretty good. The planet in our solar system with the greatest acceleration of gravity at its surface, and therefore the greatest weight of an object placed there, is Jupiter. A typical 1.75-oz 'medium' hen's egg would weigh 4.62 ounces on Jupiter, and about 3 pounds while it's cooking on the surface of the sun.

How tall is Angel Bust?

Angel Bust is 5'.

What is a bust it baby?

# Well A bust down and a bust it baby is the same just mean that the girl is only good for making a male bust a nut...that's it!!!

How long will it take a person to realize that he or she is losing weight by eating right and excersising?

A girl can usually tell by the decrease in her bust size.

Are skinny jeans for fat people?

No, not unless you want to bust them through. It doesn't matter how much weight you have - if the jeans fit, then wear them.

Can you use boom and bust in a sentence?

Use bust in a sentence

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