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you can't make masterballs

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Where can you get masterball?

You have to make it

How do you make a Pokeball a Masterball Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't.

How do you make a materball on Pokemon FireRed?

First of all, what do you mean make? You can only receive one masterball in the entire game. One game. One masterball. One pokemon.

How do you make a masterball in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You CAN'T make a masterball but you can win one at the Goldenrod Radio towerGo to Front desk. Main stuff is chance, hope, lots of pokemon (increases your chances) and then...YOU HAVE WON NUMBER ONE PRIZE MASTERBALL IF YOU ARE VERY LUCKY!!!!!

How do you get masterballs in SoulSilver?

You can get only one masterball per game. (You get it from Prof. Elm.) But some say that you can make a masterball with apricorns too (but I haven't tried it..).

Where is a second masterball?

There is no second masterball, the only way to get a second masterball is to trade with a friend.

If you catch a Pokemon with a masterball can you switch the masterball into a pokeball?


What is the cheat to get more than one masterball?

In Fire Red Version How do I get a second masterball or change aUlltraball into a masterball

How do you make a masterball on Pokemon firered?

you cant but u get it from the Silph Co. president.

Pokemon FireRed second masterball?

there is only one masterball

How do you get many masterball no cheat?

at Emerald: Lilycove city, u can win a masterball at Emerald: Lilycove city, u can win a masterball at Emerald: Lilycove city, u can win a masterball

Where is the masterball on Pokemon Platinum?

You get a masterball after you beat Cyrus in the galactic HQ

Masterball cheat for Pokemon Emerald?

how to cheat Pokemon emerald masterball with password

Where do you get the masterball in Pokemon Sapphire?

you get the masterball somewhere in team aqua's hide out in lilycove city. You can find the masterball in the sapphire version in the Aqua's team hideout. If you win the Pokemon lottery, you can find the masterball in Lilly Cove City.

Pokemon ruby how to get a masterball?

If the team magma hide out near lilycove city has already closed you might as well just start over. In the Team Magma hide out there should be a room with four pokeball beside each other, 3 of them will be voltorbs and 1 will be THE ONLY MASTERBALL YOU'LL GET. If you dont have a masterball, the catching rate for Groudon is make sure you get that masterball! The first time you throw the masterball at groudon it'll work so dont worry about wasting it on groudon

How do you make a pokeball a masterball in emerald?

Kill all Pokemon or kill you self ! I allready try!

How can you get a Masterball in Pokemon Emrald?

this is a really long way to get more than one masterballhave 2 Pokemon games (one of them should have access to a masterball some time in the game)give a masterball to a Pokemon you want to send to the other gamesend the Pokemon that's holding the masterball to the other gameso you should have one game with a masterball and a game without onerestart the game that doesn't have the masterballget up to when you get a masterball and trade again so you have 2 masterballs etc.HOPE THIS HELPS AND SORRY IT WILL TAKE SO LONG

What is the strongest pokeball?

the strongest pokeball is the masterball. the masterball can catch any Pokemon out of the 493. it doesnt matter what kind of Pokemon it is, the masterball can catch any Pokemon.

Where do you get another Masterball in Pokemon special Pikachu version?

There is only one masterball in yellow.

How do I get the masterball in Pokemon FireRed?

defeat all rockets and giovani then a man will ive you a masterball

How do you catch Mewtwo without masterball?

you cant unless you can hack the game to get unlimited masterball

Where do you get the masterball in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Help silph co then talk to the president he gives the masterball to you.

What is stronger a ultraball or a masterball?

a masterball it can catch any Pokemon in the world in one throw

How do you make a pokeball a masterball in Pokemon firered?

you need to buy a master ball or find one you cant make a master ball

Can you get another masterball?


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