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1. You can get a any strong plastic bottle.

2. Then you can wrap it with A4 paper all over.

3. Then you can paint it.

4. Then make a cone shaped paper with a colorful cardboard.

5. And stick it in the bottle.

6. Here it is the spaceship is ready.

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Cut a plastic bottle into half for the base. Give it the shape of the bottom of the ship by pasting used greeting cards.For making the top surface, take a cut out from the mount board of a shoe box.Paste broom sticks on it horizontally on the structure made of greeting cards.For making the sail of the ship,attach a stick wrapped in aluminum foil on the top surface.Then attach a triangular piece of white cloth with a pirates on it.Attach oil pins to make the Fencing.

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Q: How can you make a spaceship out of recycled materials?
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