How can you make people like the Greek God Cronus?

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You can't force people to like things. Cronus was not the one who created people. It was Prometheus who created life-forms in the image of Zeus and Hera. He then added a little bit of Chaos to make them come to life and to stay living.
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How did the greek gods influence their people?

Greek gods were capricous beings. They were inclined to argue and fuss with each other just as much as with humans. Sometimes they changed humans into animal form. Zeus often mated with humans, and sometimes they caused crops to wither( as in the case of Persephone, captured by Pluto(god of the un ( Full Answer )

What did the Greek gods look like?

There are twelve main gods. Each one looks different. And there are many different depictions of each one.

What is Cronus the god of?

The harvest, nature and agriculture; similar to the Roman Saturn. He should not be confused with Chronos, the personification (not god) of time.

What was Cronus the god of?

He was the king of the Titans and ruler of the world in Greek mythology before Zeus (his own son) overthrew him. The harvest, nature and agriculture; similar to the Roman Saturn. He should not be confused with Chronos, the personification (not god) of time. Cronus was a Titan, born from the pr ( Full Answer )

How are the planets like to the Greek Gods?

If you mean what are the Greek gods in planet names, or the Roman version of them then they are: Zeus--Jupiter Poseidon--Neptune Hades--Pluto Aphrodite--Venus Ares--Mars Hermes--Mercury Kronos (Chronus)--Saturn (Kronos was not a god. He was a Titan.) And the other roman versions of the gods were: ( Full Answer )

What were the gods of the ancient greek like?

Well they all had very different and unique ways of life For an example Zeus was a very sexual god and comiited adultry torwards hera and her of wich was a very jealous goddess and ares was very cowardly but quick to run to battle hades was always seeking more power from his brothers Zues and Posedi ( Full Answer )

What is cronus god of?

Cronus was not god of anything. He was a titan,father of the main gods:Zeus,Poseidon,Hera,Demeter,Hades,and Athena.

Cronus was the god of?

Cronus is not a god but a titan and father the the 6 original Olympians (who were Hestia, Hades, Demeter, Poseidon, Hera , and Zeus) Cronus was the titan of time.

Why are greek gods like humans?

greek gods are not like humans, humans are like greek gods. the difference is that e are mortal and they are immortal. they only have powers because the take care of their section of the earth.

Who is Cronus the Greek god?

Cronos (called Saturn by the Romans), the last born to Gaia, takes revenge upon Ouranos, who hates all his children with a vengeance. With a sickle, given to him by Gaia he attacks his father and castrates him. Cronos throws the severed genitals into the sea, and from the foam Aphrodite was born. Cr ( Full Answer )

What is Apollo the Greek god like?

The greek god Apollo is the god of animal life and of the harvest. He carries a magic staff that controls the animals and helps plants to grow. When he plays his magical flute, all of the animals flock to him. He was especially worshipped in the city of Apolloniantis.

What is Cronus a god of?

Cronus was not a God, per se but was a Titan, born from the primordial deities, Gaia and Ouranos. He castrated and overthrew his father with his sickle, which led to his worship as a harvest god, associated with crops and nature.

Who did the Greek god Hermes not like?

\nHe was the messenger of Zeus, so he probably was like Zeus on that point...\nhe really didn't like that guy with 100 eyes.

What was Cronus a god of?

Cronus was not a god at all, He was the king of the titans and ruler of the world in Greek mythology before Zeus (his own son) overthrew him.

What were greek gods and goddesses like?

They had the charateristics of regular humans but they could control what their powers were. And they were very amorous and funny.

What words are derived form the Greek gods Cronus Gaea Eros and Chaos?

Cronus: Some would argue that Cronus is the same as Chronos, which would give us chronic, chronicle, and most words with that beginning. However, these are actually two distinct characters. Gaea/Gaia: The original supercontinent, Pangaea, "pan"- all, "gaea"- earth Eros: the only one that leaps ( Full Answer )

What were the gods of Greek mythology like?

They live in luxury The have many stories to tell they sure know how to party Some of them are really mean Some of them are nice Some are beautiful Some are ugly All are awesome

What were the greek gods like?

the greek gods were nice but they sometimes were not good people appolo was once mean and crule to his other gods but now he is the goddess of love ! HE LEARNED

What was charon the greek god like?

Let's start by saying he wasn't a god. Charon was the person who ferried souls across the river Styx. He's may or may not be dead, he is just a guy that was selected to his duties.

Why did people like Apollo the Greek god?

People like Apollo/Greek god because Apollo is the god of sun,music,poetry,archery,medicine,and making people ill,or bringing people back to life.

Is there a difference between the Greek Gods Cronus and Chronos?

a confusing question! Cronos / Cronus / Kronos is the greek god who cut off his fathers genitals and ruled in what's called 'the golden age' a time of complete serenity on earth. he was then foretold a prophecy that would come true - that he would be overthrown by one of his sons. therefore every ( Full Answer )

Who is like the Greek god Apollo?

In the modern day, there are aspects of people that seem to share the characteristics of some of his god-hood but it is based on individual interpretation of the myths that Apollo is in.

Where did greek god cronus live?

The greek god Cronus lived on the top of mount Olympus with his brothers and sisters including his sister Rhea which was also his wife who he had six kids with but Cronus swallowed them all except for Zeus which Rhea hid so Cronus couldn't swallow him and when Zeus was older he killed Cronus saved h ( Full Answer )

What was Cronus job as a Greek God?

Cronus was the Titan god of time and the ages, especially time where regarded as destructive and all-devouring. He is the father of Zeus.

Where do greek people worship there gods?

Most Greek citizens worshiped the gods and goddeses in a temple where each god or goddess had his or her own oracle. Delphi was the most famous oracle, being Appolos.

How were Greek gods like people?

Most Greek Gods were flawed, making them very human-like. For example one of the most famous Greek gods, Zeus,cheated on his wife to many times to count. Aphrodite, the most gorgeous of the gods and goddesses, was very fickle in love. People back then wanted reason for action, so say when a person b ( Full Answer )

Why did the Greeks like the gods?

The Greeks did not exactly like the gods, they just thought that it was necessary to pray to them for rain, food, calm seas, etc.

What was the Greek god Heracles like?

Heracles was a demigod, born from a mortal mother, Alcmena and the almighty king of the gods, Zeus. Heracles was believed to have inhuman strength, courage and ingenuity. He accomplished 12 tasks set for him by King Eurystheus (who had claimed Heracles' throne) which became know as the Twelve Labors ( Full Answer )

Did the Greeks like the god Apollo?

Well.. if you mean like as in worship and sacrifice all there best animals than yes, they did like him. EPIC

What was the personality trait of greek god cronus?

Kronos didn't have a "personality" the way you are thinking of. He was the personification of the heavens, so he was made with a lofty spirit. You could say he was fearful and greedy, since he didn't want to be usurped by his children the way he usurped his own father.

What was the roman god cronus the god of?

Cronus was not a Roman god. Cronus is the Latinization of the Greek name Kronos . The Roman counterpart to Cronus was Saturnus or simply, Saturn. Saturn was the Roman god of the Harvest and king of the Titans. After his defeat at the hands of his son, Jupiter, he was exiled to the Italian Penins ( Full Answer )

How do greek gods loook like?

Greek gods and goddesses could change their appearances from human (old, young, hair color - exc.) to animals (cows, swans, fly, goat).

How are Greek gods and goddesses like Greeks?

Well, the Greek gods and goddess don't just reflect the Greeks they reflect human nature in ways... The Greek gods have quarrel's, argument's, fights, affairs, jealousy issues and lots more. In ways they were basically humans with godlike abilities. I hope I answered your question. :)

Where can cronus the greek god be found?

In Greek mythology, it is said that Cronus (or Cronos or Kronos), who is actually a Titan, not a god, was chopped to pieces with his own scythe by his son Zeus, and cast into Tartarus. Zeus then took his throne to rule the gods.