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There are no pills or creams that will do anything but take your money! If you can afford it, go to a bra store (not a department store or lingerie store) but a place that makes Bras. They will make the bra to fit you and put lots of padding on the bottom and sides and that will really push up what you have. Sometimes you can get lucky in places like Walmart. Go up a cup with lots of padding.

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Can you dye your hair after brain surgery?

Consensus is you must wait at least 3 months after surgery to protect the healing scalp.

How do you make breasts biger?

A push-up bra or plastic surgery. I recommend the bra. I think the surgery is something that anyone could regret. At least with the bra you can take it off if you don't like it.

Will the army let some one enlist if the have had leg surgery?

Yes. You will had to had the surgery at least 6 months ago and must have a clean bill of health from your doctor.

How long does the swelling last after liposuction?

Swelling may occur up to nine months post liposuction surgery. The advice usually given by a plastic surgeon is that the patient should not "judge" the area for at least nine months after surgery.

How does pregnancy effect gastric bypass surgery?

While it is usually possible to carry a healthy child after weight loss surgery, it is recommended that you wait at least 18 months after surgery to get pregnant.

How much does arthroscopic knee surgery cost in DC without insurance?

An arm and a leg - at least!

Are chicken breasts considered white meat?

Yes, chicken breasts are considered white meat. In fact the breast of the chicken has the least amount of fat content of the entire chicken without the skin.

What activities should be avoided after otoplastic surgery?

Patients should also avoid contact sports for at least three months after otoplasty.

How long can a camel survive without eating or drinking?

at least 4 months i think, im not much of a camel expert but you know at least four months Just over two weeks

How many moth of year have at lest 30 days?

11 months of the year have at least 30 days.11 months of the year have at least 30 days.11 months of the year have at least 30 days.11 months of the year have at least 30 days.11 months of the year have at least 30 days.11 months of the year have at least 30 days.11 months of the year have at least 30 days.11 months of the year have at least 30 days.11 months of the year have at least 30 days.11 months of the year have at least 30 days.11 months of the year have at least 30 days.

How many days fuel stay in zippo lighters without use?

It should last at least 6 months without being used.

Can you tan after a cryo surgery?

Tanning is not recommended for at least 6-12 months after the surgery. the scaring needs time to mature. the new scar will pigment at a different rate than the rest and may cause discoloration and this can be permanent.

How long do you have to wait to exercise after a ectopic surgery?

I just had surgery 2 wks ago and asked my dr. this same question. She said I could only walk, no other exercise for at least 2 months. If you have the laproscopic surgery, the scope goes through the belly button/ambilical port and can herniate if you exercise, you definitely don't need another surgery. My dr. said she had another patient who a month after surgery had a coughing fit and herniated the port, very painful and will set you back again several weeks. So, at least 2 months, possibly 3 for weight lifting and running.

Can i fly with breast implants?

Yes, you can fly when you have had breast implants. It would be wise not to fly anywhere for at least one week after surgery. You need to give yourself time to heal before embarking on a trip away from the clinic where you had your operation. The breasts need time to heal after surgery

Is it possible to be pregnant if the breast are leaking also1 day late?

if youre 1 day late your breasts shouldn't be leaking anything. not at least for several more months. get a pregnancy test.

How long can you go without high heels after ankle fracture?

I think at least one or two months maybe!!

Use a sentence with the word convalesce?

''She convalesces from a serious accident.'' I am convalescing from my accident. I will convalesce for at least three months following my surgery. "What are you doing?" "Convalescing! What does it look like?"

How long after colic surgery can a horse be ridden?

This would be a great question to ask the veterinarian who performed the surgery, as the answer will depend on what the veterinarian had to do to correct the colic. In general, it takes at least one month before the body wall will heal up so at least one month and probably 2-3 months to be safe.

What do I need to know about gastric bypass and alcohol?

After gastric bypass surgery, a person must avoid alcohol for at least two months. Even after the two months, the patient must limit alcohol intake. These rules must be followed.

How can lung cancer be treated, without noticeable side effects?

Lung cancer can be treated in any of at least three ways. That includes radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery. Surgery would not cause hair loss.

What is the earliest age a girl can develop breasts?

At least 8.

Can you get your license without holding a permit for 6 months if you are under 18 but already graduated?

No you can not get your license without holding a permit for at least six months. The purpose of this waiting period is to ensure that the new driver has had plenty of practice time.

How long can a baleen whale hold its breaths?

A human can live without water for about 3 days. Without food is about 3 months if you at least dirink some water.

How soon can you fly after neck surgery?

at least 3 months later the surgery, i know because i work in quantas. I flew 2 weeks after anterior cervical fusion and was fine. I made sure my surgeon was OK with it first, though. I'd check with your surgeon.

Did Nick cannon did surgery?

No, Nick Cannon is not a licensed surgeon and has never (at least legally) "did" surgery.