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How can you make your cervix dilate?


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2009-02-17 07:32:27
2009-02-17 07:32:27
== == * If you want to start contractions try playing with your nipples, you or your partner. Also climax works as well. Flights of stairs. I do not recommend Castor oil. it is harmful and you wont get the result that you are wanting == == == == == == * Don't know for sure about actually dilating, but to start up labor [get it going faster] walking "A LOT" WORKS WONDERS!!

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You can't make your cervix dialate. Doctors use special gels to soften, and thin the cervix when labor is being induced.

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No it wont dilate the cervix because it is not true labor.

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Cervix contract to 10cm during birth and dilate after birth.

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