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I know how you feel im going through it as I type this and trust me im hurting but this site as helped alot!!!I still cant even bring myself to calling my ex my ex.But I've learned if you push to hard the calling the nagging the don't leave me that wont work..the best thing to do is nothing the only way your ex will see he/she missed out is to miss you.maybe let some time go by and mail him a miss you card and don't sign it or send him a really nice pic of yourself don't be pushy that drives them away do it with ease and tact hope this helps

Answeris the person really worthy of your love? if they are you need to remind them that communitaction and respect should be a focus that a good relationship needs. talking about problems is always a way to bring a person into a thinkingmind. who knows things may work out quicker and better when someone makes the first move. ctr AnswerCompletely ignore then and show indifference. Do everything opposite. If you called them all the time before, don't call them at all. Dont try and run into them. Make it look like you dropped off the face of the earth and get on with your life. In time, they will either be so curious and you probably wont even want them.
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Q: How can you make your ex want you back and for them to feel like they missed out?
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