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Well eyeliner in general is used to make your eyes bigger and to stand out, so if you just apply it the old-fashioned way, it is bound to make your eyes pop.

There are several kinds of liners, including pencils, paint pots, gel, and liquid. The easiest is the pencil, and the softest on your eyes and smoothest application is the soft kohl pencils. Liquid is the hardest to apply.

The most basic and fool-proof way to apply makeup is:

1. Always apply your eye shadow first, so that if you apply your liner first the shadow doesn't go over top and dull the effect.

2. With one of your fingers, gently pull the outside edge of your eye out so that when you close your eye your lid, especially the upper lash line, is flat for easy application.

3. With your liner, apply it as closely as possible to your lashes, just above your natural lash line. Make sure that it starts very thin on the inside of the eye, and slowly thickens out at the edge of your eye. You can adjust exactly how thick you want it depending on the effect you want. Apply it slightly thicker if you want a more dramatic look.

4. Using a dark powder, either brown or black, you can just brush it along the bottom lash line from the outer edge to about half way in to make the look more dramatic. This step is optional.

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Q: How can you make your eyes bigger with eyeliner and how do you apply it?
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Does mascara make your eyes look bigger?

It depends how much mascara you apply. But yes, it can make your eyes look bigger. Another way to make your eyes look larger is to use an eyeliner along the bottom of your eyes.

What does eyeliner means?

eyeliner is a type of makeup that is a pencil that you use under your eyes to make your eyes seem bigger

Do you have to apply eye liner to the top?

In order to make your eyes stand out better it would be appropriate to apply eyeliner to the top lids. Unless you are trying to make your eyes smaller looking. Then just apply eyeliner to the bottom lids instead.

How do you make your eyes black?

Apply soot or lampblack to eyes everyday before going to bed. Remember there is a difference between eyeliner and soot. Soot is what which you apply with your fingers on your eyes while the eyeliner is applied on just eyelids.

How exactly are you supposed to apply black waterproof pencil eyeliner?

Just above your lowerlashes is your waterline. Apply the eyeliner carefully. Make sure that it is waterline safe and that you don't poke your eye with it. You can also apply it to your upper lashline. Eyeliner adds definition to your eyes.

How can you get pretty eyes without going overboard on the make up?

Use a good eyecream, prime the eye before you apply makeup, take off makeup before you go to bed and apply fresh, natural looking makeup. I suggest mascara, some brown eyeliner in bottom lashline, brown eyeshadows and optionally white eyeliner in the waterline to make the eyes look bigger and more open. Also put some white eyeliner or shadow in the inner corner to brighten up the eyes.

Is there a make up trick to make eyes look bigger?

use white eyeliner on the inside watermark, it works like magic!

Does eyeliner make your eyes wrinkly?

No,it does not UNLESS you pull your eye to put eyeliner on but as far as i know eyeliner its self does not make your eye wrinkly

How do you make small eyes look bigger?

i have small eyes i recently started to wear dark make-up like navy eyeshadow colour it works also hot pink eyeshadow too and try to add black eyeliner it tends to bring out small eyes. Just use dark eyeliner and use mascara. You can buy eyelash serum to grow your eyelashes which will also make your eyes look bigger

Does white eyeliner make you look more awake?

Yess,it also makes your eyes look bigger if you put it on the water line :))

Does black eyeliner make brown eyes pop?

Not really. If you want to make brown eyes POP then use a purple eyeliner. This will bring out the brown hues in your eyes and make it look brighter.

How do you make your eyes look pretty'?

You probably already have pretty eyes. To make them even prettier, you can use eyeshadows in neutral colors, and then curl your eyelashes and apply mascara. This will make them look brighter, you can also line them with eyeliner if you want to draw even more attention to them.

How do you make eyes look bigger and rounder?

less eyeliner!! use white eyeshadow as a highlighter near the corners of the eyes and the bottom arch of the brow then see what you think:) still use mascara

What are the effects of using too much eyeliner?

The Effects of using to much eyeliner is that it can make your eyes swell or itchy.

How do you make your eyes pretty?

Use eyeliner, but not alot. Little eyeliner in the waterline will make your eyes pop. try using a light pink or brown eyeshadow(or both) but dont make it drastic. then use good mascara that make your eyes pop even more. if you want try a little white eyeshadow at the corner of your eyes. if you need to, put on a little more eyeliner under the lashline to make your eyes look even better

How can you make your eyes look blue?

if your eyes are alredy blue you can use an eyeliner which will make them stand out. if they are not blue you can get contacts to make them look as if they are

Should you put eye liner on the bottom water line of the eye?

That is a decision that would need to be completed by you. It is okay to place eyeliner on your lower & upper water line ( never liquid ). But bare in mind that there is a risk of bacteria getting into your eye which can cause sty eye. If that is something that you don't mind taking the risk at, then go for it! Applying eyeliner to your lower water line can create the illusion that your eyes are bigger or smaller. If you decide you want to apply a natural or white eyeliner it can make the whites of your eyes appear brighter.

What color makeup to use with blue eyes and tan skin?

Blue eyeliner it will make your eyes stand out

What do you put on first eyeshadow of eyeliner?

i apply the shadow fist then the liner that way u dont smer the liner i also finf that if you have smaller eyes then it is best to just aply liner to the top lid, aplying it to the bottom tends to make eyes look smaller!!!!! Well me, I like to put on eyeliner first, cause it is easier. The reason why is when I put on foundation or compact, I don't want to get that all over my fingers, so I put on eyeliner first, then everything else. I have small eyes, and it is hard to put on liquid eyeliner...

How do you make eyes bigger?

You should be able to make your eyes bigger by using eye liner

Make-up tips for green eyes?

go for lilac or gold eyeshadow and loads of eyeliner to make your eyes look big and striking

What are some women's makeup secrets for eyeliner?

Some makeup secrets for eyeliner include layering eyeliner for a more subtle effect, using a lighter shade of eyeliner to make the eyes appear wider, and keeping eyeliner in one thin line to avoid a smudge.

Does eye liner actually makes eyes bigger?

Nothing will actually MAKE them bigger! Eyeliner will make them look bigger, as long as you use it outside the eye. If you line the inner rim, it usually makes them look smaller but if you just line the outer edges of the inner rim it makes them look longer

Is it possible to get eyeliner rash?

If you use an eyeliner that irritates your eye or that has irritating chemicals in it, and you use it every day it could make your eyes red and irritated but I don't think you can get an actual eyeliner rash.

How do you make eyes beautiful?

You put on eyeliner, eyeshawdow, and mascara.Use your finger to smudge the eyeshawdow.