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A straight perm would straighten but try to get to like your hair with all it's glorious curls , you know how much people spend on perms to give their hair curls and waves ?

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How do you get straight hair without using a blowdryer or iron?

you an brush it 137 times and it will straighten your hair

Can you get straight hair without using an iron?

they have shampoo which is sunsilk and creams you can find them in woolies and coles and hair straightners

What is the best way to keep your hair straight without using a flat iron?

The best way of keeping ones hair straight without using a flat iron would be using one or a couple of the many hairdressings made paticularly for this issue. There are products that can be purchased at the local drug store that can help keep hair straight without a lot of work or cost involved,

How do you make your hair straight without any iron?


Can you blow dry your hair using a flat iron?

if you want you hair to be straight, i guess so

Can boys blow-dry their hair straight without a flat iron or straighter?

Yes, there are some boys that can dry their hair without a flat iron or straightener.

How do you make your hair straight without using a flat iron?

You can use a curling iron, put the gel/chemicals in it, or just keep brushing it through until its not as curly anymore. With having curly hair, i know these work, but it may work better with just using a flat iron.

How do you make your hair shraight without a flat iron?

electrocution has a tendency to make hair very straight

Are there any shampoos that straighten African American hair without relaxing?

There are no shampoos that straighten African American hair. Ways of straighten the hair is by a relaxer, using a flat iron or by blow drying it straight.

How do you easily straighten your hair without a flat iron or a hair dryer?

You can't unless its naturally straight genius.

If you were born with very straight hair but now you have puffy and curly hair How do you get it naturally straight again without an iron?

You can't "naturally" straighten it. If I were you I would just rock the curls! If you find the right products it can be easier than straightening your hair. If you still want straight hair try using Straight To The Maxx, which will temporarily straighten your hair for a month or two without lots of damage. Otherwise you need to get it chemically straightened at the salon.

How can you get curly hair without using products if your hair is naturally straight?

A curling iron. You should really use products though because if you don't any curl you put in will just keep falling out.

How do you have straight hair without chemical n iron?

Blowdry it closely using a paddle brush as you go, doing it bending over, or upside down usually helps.

How can your hair change from straight to curly?

buy a curling iron, if your genetics says you have straight hair, then you have straight hair. sorry.

How can you straighten your hair without using an iron?

water and a hairbrush works wonders

How do you straight your hairs?

Blowdry your hair using a brush or Using hair straightening iron or If you have the money, you can pay a couple hundred bucks to have your hair straightened professionally using a solution that the Japanese people came up with.

Is your hair really straight when you straighten it with an iron?

its burned straight

How can you straighten you hair with out using a straightener?

my sisters friend used an iron You don't have to use a flat iron or a straightener, just the right products, a blow dryer and some good technique! :) Check the related links section below for step by step instructions to get straight hair without a flat iron.

How can you strighten you hair without using a strightner?

You could iron your hair if u dont have any straighteners or you broke them

How can you make your hair wavy if you have straight hair?

a curling iron

How do you straight hair at home?

Flat iron :)

What is the best way for you to get your hair straight fastest?

the best way to get your hair straight faster is to use a straight iron and then use hair spray and gel

How do you have straight hair?

People can be born with straight hair. If your hair is not straight, there are styling tools that can help you straighten it. A flat iron is the best hair tool to help a person straighten their hair.

How do you wake up with straight hair when you have natural frizzy hair?

What I do because i have naturally curly hair is i wet my hair and then straight iron it. And it works for me.

Can your hair fall out by using a straight iron?

Yes, straight irons are the number one cause (beside chemo therapy) that causes hair loss in people. Daily use it not recommended because this kills the hair making it fall out.