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You can contact the school directly.

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Q: How can you obtain student transcript from Madonna University Elele Nigeria?
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How do you get transcript from former Nagpur university?

You must visit the university in person. Provide details to confirm that you are a former student. The university will check through their records and give you a transcript if the information you provided is right.

The University of ibadan?

i wish to know whether the university of ibadan in nigeria will accept student to do public health in trhe university of ibadan this year

What are the advantages and disadvantages of capital?

begin a student of delta state university nigeria department of l

What are some requirements to get accepted into a university?

To get accepted into a university, a student will need their high school transcript, SAT or ACT scores, and college application. Beyond that, a student will need good grades and to have participated in a variety of extracurricular activities.

What is the official record of a high school student's performance called?

a high school transcript

What university is best for a mass communication student here in Nigeria?

Obafemi awolowo univ DE ersity

What is the charge for copies of APUS student transcripts?

I had th same homework question and emailed APUS transcript department and this is the email I received back from them: "There is a $5 cost for an official transcript. Log into with your student id and password. Once logged in you'll find the "Order an APUS Transcript" Option from under the Forms Menu on the left hand side of the page. Follow the prompts from there. "

How do you put transcript into a sentence?

A transcript is an exact copy. It can also mean an official copy of a student's grades from a school. "In order to get into the college I applied to, I had to send them my high-school transcript."

How would one order transcripts from the University of Phoenix student webpage?

There are several ways to order transcripts from the University of Phoenix. One such way is through their student website. Alternatively, you can request transcripts by telephone, fax, or post mail. By visiting the official university website you will find the contact number for the Office of Admissions and Records Student Center and also the information you will need prior to ordering your transcript.

What is the impact on the studen'ts transcript when a class is dropped during the penalty free week?

The course and "DP" grade will not appear on the student's official transcript.

How much does an undergratuate student pay as tuition fees at the national open university of nigeria?

The amount an undergraduate student may pay is dependent upon the school. This could be anywhere from $3,500-$60,000 depending on the program.

Who designed Nigeria's flag?

Quoting Wikipedia (search: Flag of Nigeria), "The designer was a student from Ibadan, Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi" Taiwo Akinkunmi was on a scholarship to study engineering in a UK university, he saw the advert in the newspaper in 1959 and caually put in a design for the competition.