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.exe files are "executable", meaning that they are programs. If you can read machine code it might be interesting, otherwise it just runs on the computer.

A Way to open not run but open is if you open up wordpad then open the file like a text document it will show you codeing and some can be read but some parts with the symbols are just stateing that you do not have the correct characters to read that part

(don't use notepad it mixes the codeing up even with wordwrap off)

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Q: How can you open .exe files to see what is written inside?
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How can you open exe files on school when it's blocked too?

You can use proxies to bypass the school's internet protocol if you want to open the exe files.

What type files are exe files?

A .exe file is an executable file. Opening an exe file will run a program. Before you open it, make sure that it is a legitimate program. It may run malware that will corrupt your files.

How do you send exe file through Gmail?

You can send exe file through attachment on Gmail. Exe files are executable files in windows. They can be used to install a program or use stuff inside it.

Can WinRAR read .exe files?

WinRAR can read and extract files from program installers (ie. Setup.exe). It cannot open just any .exe file in general, though.

How can you decifer the nammes in the exe files and what they are?

To decipher the names of .exe files and what they are, it depends on the types of .exe files they are. You can use a program called Winrar to extract the contents of the .exe file to see what it is.

How long until IMVU for macs is available?

If your mac can open .exe files you can get imvu.

How do you open a zip file?

you can download winzip that is an .exe that can do that and you can also download winrar that also can open zip files

How do you open exe on mac without Intel?

Windows executable (.exe) files are programs that work with the Windows operating system and are not compatible with Macintosh computers.

What file type extention exe files?

Files with an extension of .exe are executable files. This type of file is one which is used to open applications games etc. it is the main file for each program. For example to open Internet Explore when you doubel click on the icon it actually make the ie.exe file open up and this gives you the internet explorer window.

How do you turn Exe files into folders?

you can't. exe files are applications at most you can change it into a txt to look at it's code, that is how exe are made not folders

How you run exe files in Linux?

To run exe files in Linux is easy and quick. All you have to do is go to Linux and download the files you want.

Can Android open all application?

it can only open these files txt,apk and configuration settings it cannot open exe,msdox,ppt,html or php

On a Mac not just a exe but something like a patchexe will not work and it wont work with Darwine either What should to get this file open?

.exe files are executable files for the Windows operating system. They will not work on a Mac unless it has Windows installed.

How do you get computer virus?

Downloading unsafe files, mainly .exe Files Going to Unsafe Sites Leaving ports open for hackers to get into and remotely download Viruses

What to do for executing exe files in ubuntu11.04?

Go to the ubuntu software store and download wine. With that you can install exe files on your system.

How do you open .exe files to see what is written in it?

It depends on the kind of .exe files. Some .exe files are actually self-extracting or executable archives. In this case, using a multi-purpose tool like Winrar to extract the contents will suffice. If there are other parameters involved, Winrar may not do the job. In these cases you can use tools like Universal Extractor, which will extract anything Winrar can extract, and then some. If you're looking to open exe files with actual code, so that you can read the source code, you're looking at something more complicated than just an unpacker. Unfortunately, it is not easy to do this and understand the results. Code is not meant to be easily accessed, and when it is, it is not in regular text. One way that it can be done, though, is with a tool called PE Explorer. This can decompile an exe file so that you can read the code that is inside. Again accessing or copying the source code of *.exe file is offence.Most of software developers encrypt it so that not one can access it & use it for any means.

What are the executable files for ms programs?

They're .exe files

What is responsible for doc files changing to exe files?

A virus.

Can windows EXE files be converted to pbp files for psp?


What is the difference between a obj file and an exe file in C?

C programming language doesn't say anything about obj and exe files. On some platforms *.exe files are binary executables, and *.obj files are object modules.

How do you execute files?

You can only execute files that have the .exe or .msi (for some versions of windows) extension, simply right clicking, then selecting "open" or "Run" should work.

Why exe file does not stop?

The exe extension files have the property to create concatenating files to it and in case of any discrepancy, it engages into creating an array of duplicate files as a result of which they do not stop.

Did exe file runs in solaris?

The ".exe" file extension is exclusive to Microsoft products, including MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows. While Solaris does have "executable" files, there is no requirement for those files to have an ".exe" extension. Technically speaking, ".exe" programs run only on Microsoft-based operating systems. Therefore, Solaris does not run ".exe" files.

What are used to represent the files and commands?


Can an exe file hide in a pdf file and execute when you open the pdf file?

No, You cannot embed an EXE file in a PDF document. You can embed an EXE within another EXE or MSI but not inside a PDF which is essentially a postscript document. However there are PDF documents distributed as EXE files. The Copysafe PDF solution used to create protected PDF documents with an EXE option that installed a reader if their proprietary reader was not already installed. However they stopped this practice because users had problems sending the documents by email... most mail servers now ban EXE attachments.