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You should not, the filtering is there for a reason and if you attempt to bypass it you will most likely be violating policy which could lead to negative action being taken against you.

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What did bess breenan get invited to do at her new school that she did at her old school?

be in gymnastics

What has the author Bess Goodykoontz written?

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What anime chat sites will Bess allow you to access?

Typically not many; Bess, made by a Seattle-based software company called N2H2, reportedly is the most widely used content blocking program in American K-12 schools. The primary issue is you would need to install another potentially more dangerous program to create a bridge to over-pass the Bess program -- highly not recommended. There are reports (since 2001) that the software supports, if not enforces, censorship of certain sites; the school admin has complete control over these functions.

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