How can you open your husband's cell phone bill to see if he is calling another woman without someone knowing it?

Steam it open.

If you steam it open, the glue may not go back right and the paper might crinkle. Cheaters are very suspicious people by the nature of their folly, so he will likely catch on quickly. I have been in this situation before. If you DO manage to open the bill, here are the two outcomes: 1) you find something, and now you feel awful, even though you know; 2) you find nothing, and now you feel like an idiot, and even crazy. I know, I've been there. I wish you much luck and prayer.

If you have good reason to believe that your husband is phoning another woman, then I'd pull this sneaky:

Open the blasted thing and then throw it away. If he wonders where the cell phone bill is, just tell him you'd never seen it in the mail and he can phone. Bills and letters get lost in the mail every day. He can phone the company and ask for another bill. Make him work for it!

I doing the above, but "sneaky is as sneaky does." You have a right to know.

Most major companies-- like Sprint pcs--- have a website you can log into.. all you need is the cell phone # and the acct password to gain access--- and on the website lists call details from prior months-- like on sprint pcs it list bills for the last 2 years.. hope that helps

If you open it up and do not know a certain phone number, look it up on If it does not have a listing for that number, give it a call.

I did this and it turned out to be a phone for 2 female roomates. He told me he had no idea who it was. But truth be told, the number showed up again. Turned out to be a gf in the town he worked.