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just pour normally

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Q: How can you pour water into a glass cup without breaking the glass cup?
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What happens to the inside of a glass when YOU pour hot water?

Nothing because pouring hot water in glass will do nothing except fogging the glass as you pour the water

How could you pour out exactly half a glass of water without using any measurement tools?

Tilt the glass slowly until the bottom of the glass just barely touches the surface of the water.

What is the future tense of maria pour 3 liters of water in a glass?

What is the future tense of Maria pour a 3 liters of water In a glass.

Pour water into the glass until it is full what do you think will happen if you add more water into the glass?

the water spills

If you pour cold water into a glass of hot water what will happen -?

The glass would break and you would have a mess

How do you get moisture out of a glass bottle?

when you pour water into a glass cup, the water has mouister that gose onto the cup.

How you use word pour in a sentence?

"Pour me a glass of water" Or "The rain is going to pour down anytime now."

Why should you not pour very hot water into a drinking glass?

because the glass will pop if you put the very hot water into the glass

Can you have a glass of water?

Depending on the accessibility of both clean drinking water and a glass to pour it in, you might or might not be able to have it.

If you pour cold water into a glass of hot water what will happen?

The water will turn warm.

Can a glass cup be broken by water?

Yes. Pour boiling water into a cold cup of untempered glass and you will see. DO NOT do this without supervision. In fact, don't do it at all. Just about anything can be broken by water, given enough of it, over a long enough period of time. if yo pour to hot water in it or if you put in in the frezzer with liquid in it

You pour water from a short fat glass into a tall narrow glass What happens to the volume of the water?

the volume does not change da

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