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Not if they had a key or other means to get into the house without "breaking and entering". Contact the police and report the unauthorized entry. You cannot file charges on someone for this, the police need to. If the circumstances don't warrant filing charges, they'll explain why.

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Q: How can you press charges on someone who entered your home illegally while you were away?
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If you press charges on someone and then drop the charges and the case is closed can they reopen the case so you can press charges again?

yes you can

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A person cannot press charges for someone else, only the victim of the crime can. A person can report the criminal conduct for investigation.

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Yes, press charges for stealing a pet ant i think ask a police officer

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One can press assault charges for just about anything that occurs to them that they deem "assault". The ability to prove these charges correct or false is most important.

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Five Years

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You don't, only a prosecutor can "press" or "drop" charges against someone.

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If someone has committed a crime against you, then charges can be pressed against them, even if you had previously been charged with committing a crime against them.

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