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This lamp is supposed to be on to act as a deterent to potential thieves.They are usually only a L.E.D and the current draw is negligable. Batteries are far superior to how they used to be,and are expected to cope easily with these things and still fire the engine up after parking. Don't go there is my opinion.

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If you have new battery and alternator but battery is still not staying charged what could be the problem?

Something is draining the battery. Check all lights. Glove box, trunk, etc. Also check the power window switch.

Can the heater stay on draining the battery after you turn off the car?

yesTo elaborate, it should not be staying on.There's a comprehensive trouble-shooting roundup for battery drain problems with Windstars in the "Related Questions" below.

When turning over over ford escort the immobilizer is staying on and it wont start?

i had the same problem with mine i told a friend about it and he told me to try disconnected the battery for a couple of seconds i reconnected it hey presto it worked.

97 Dakota it runs for a day or two then runs all the power out of the batt and then it dies Altu shows good?

get your car checked for a parasitic draw. chances are something is staying on and draining the battery over night.

Can the dome light staying on kill the battery?

Yes it did kill my battery

What should you do if you get your battery charged and then the next day its dead?

throw it way because it may not work anymore ... and try keeping batterys in the freezer for longer battery life. Have the battery tested, it may not be able to hold a charge any more. If the battery checks good have the electrical system of the vehicle tested, you may have something draining the battery down as simple as a glove compartment light staying on.

What would cause an Oldsmobile 1989 ninety eight regency's battery to drain twice in 24 hours battery and alternator were checked yesterday by AutoZone and it was fine?

A couple of more dead batteries and the battery won't be fine anymore. You have something draining the battery. Possibly a dome, glove box, under hood, trunk, or courtesy light on. Also make sure the brake lights are not staying on. Another possibility is a stuck power window switch, ar a rear window defroster staying on. You must find what is pulling power from the battery.

Battery light staying on peugeot 106?

If a battery light is staying on, it generally means that your alternator isn't charging properly. Be prepared to have to pay for a new alternator, and if it has been damaged, a new battery as well.

Why would your car battery be low after only a few hours?

As far as my experience is concerned, car batteries lower down either because of lack of battery water or due to not properly charging the battery. Check out whether these problems may not be occurring with your battery or consult with an auto electrician or you can know more about this from the following link. --------- You may want to check that your battery has a load on it, which is to say that something is on and draining your battery. Check to see if the glove box light,trunk light or underhood light is staying on. A simple test is to make sure the battery is fully charged, either by driving the car or charging the battery for a few hours. Then disconnect the battery overnight. If the battery is strong when you re-connect it the next day then the battery is not at fault. You have a "draw" somewhere. In other words - something is draining the battery.

How do you prevent a common cold?

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How do you prevent a dead bone?

maybe by staying healthy and active.

What reason that cause battery drain?

Dead cell in the battery, any light on the car that is staying on, or a stuck relay.

What methods are used to prevent a shark attacking humans?

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In what ways you can prevent from drug abuse?

You can prevent it by staying away from people(your friends that use), places and where the dealers sell it, like there neighborhood.

The battery charge light comes on and eventually your battery dies Then Replace the alternator and within a few days the light comes on again What could prevent a good alternator from charging the bat?

Battery light usually means alternator not charging. Most common solutions would be be a bad alternator, bad connection, or loose alternator belt. If the battery and alt test ok than check the connections to the alt. You may also have a battery drain (something that is staying on and killing the battery)

What causes a slow battery drain in 2009 Kia Rio?

Can be a dead cell in the battery or any light on the vehicle that is staying on. Can also be a relay that is stuck.

Why are the battery light and the brake light coming on and staying on in your 96 Infinity?

needs new alternator

What is the purpose of a crankcase heater on a compressor?

to prevent liquid refrigerant from staying in the compressor after shut down

What might you find out about a hotel that would prevent you from staying there?

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What keeps draining your car battery?

Either the battery has a dead cell, which will normally drain it overnight, or something is on pulling power from the battery. If the battery has a dead cell it will have to be replaced. The easiest way to determine this is to fully charge the battery and then disconnect the negative cable overnight. If the battery is dead in the morning it has a dead cell. You may not even be able to charge it with a dead cell. If the battery is still fully charged the next morning then you have another problem. Check all the lights on the vehicle. Under hood, trunk, dome, curtorsey, glove box, etc. One of them may be staying on. Also check your brake lights. If you find no lights are on then you may have a relay that is sticking. Can be power windows, locks, seat, etc.

How prevent harmful microbes?

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Battery light staying on in a 1994 Ford Escort?

It usually means that the alternator is not charging the battery. You may also have a bad connection in your wiring harness going to the alternator.

Why is the red battery warning light staying on in a 2004 Chevy Impala as it is running?

Get your charging system checked out as it sounds like your alternator is going bad or the battery is shot.

What could drain the battery on a 2002 geo prism other than the alternator or starter?

A dead cell in the battery will cause it to loose it's charge overnight. The only fix is to replace the battery. Any light that is staying on will drain the battery. Also a stuck relay will drain the battery.