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Keep them off of high things unless they are totally superivsed. I have a general rule, that if they aren't big enough to climb on it themselves, they shouldn't be on it. A few exceptions are, the changing table because you will be right there the whole time. The highchair because they are strapped in and you are usually right there anyway. And the couch if you are sitting with them. Other than that, they don't need to be up on anything if they can't climb up it on their own. If they can climb onto it on their own, they should be told to get down and then you should go and take them down from it. It will take over and over, but it's better that then having them fall and injure themselves. Or if it is OK for them to be up on it, then stand by them and watch them close. Falls happen every day. That's part of being a kid and being a parent, but just watch them and make sure they aren't serious falls.

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2015-07-15 18:37:20
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Q: How can you prevent your baby from falling all the time off seats and tables and sofas and the like?
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