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date of conception

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Q: How can you prove your boyfriend was underage when you got pregnant?
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If an underage teen is pregnant does the father of the underage teen have to pay child support or can the underage teen control that?

well yeh you have to give support you got her pregnant for the love of god

When your boyfriend got another girl pregnant?

If your married divorce him, if he is your boyfriend DUMP him.

Can DNA prove which brother got a girl pregnant?


Can you get pregnant if your boyfriend can not put it inside?

If his semen got inside you could be pregnant

What does it mean that someone is pregnant for your ex boyfriend?

When someone is pregnant from your ex boyfriend there is a possibility (could be gossip or he's not the father) that he got another woman pregnant.

What would you do if you and your boyfriend break up and he got another girl pregnant?

get pregnant with another guy

Underage pregnancy custody laws for pregnant child?

If a young girl decides, or acidentally, got pregnant then i believe the girl has a right to decide who the child stays with.

How did Toycie get pregnant in the novel Beka Lamb?

Troycie got pregnant by having sex with her boyfriend Emilio.

You are 13 and you boyfriend got you pregnant can you live with your boyfriend?

No you are a minor and not an adult even though you will be a mother. Your parents are responsible for you and now your baby.

In what states can a girl who is 15 and pregnant marry her 16 year old boyfriend with parental consent?

No that is Illigal and its nasty how she got Pregnant

What age did Victoria Justice got pregnant?

She Never did. She even took many test to prove shes not and she did!

Would your boyfriend leave you if you got pregnant?

ha depends on the guy your dating. mine wouldnt.

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