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you could find them on iTunes


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This is a question that only Hilary Duff herself can answer.

because she hasn't been laid in a while and wants others to suffer

Which songs? If you mean HSM1,2,3, they sing indoors with a microphone, record it, and when they're acting, they mouth the words while the songs are being played.

Candy-Aggro Santos Sneaker night- Vanessa Hudgens Work it out- Lightbulb Thieves

* Vanessa hudgen's (Gavriella from high school musical) major/big achivment was her family * The other major achivement was her friends and her dances/songs and be famous

YES! her voice definitely edited. listen to Lets Dance, You are the music in me and all the other songs she does.

uhh shes on tv she has songs every where and you and i and .. well everyone knows her name sooo yeah

Her songs? They have contributed to the current popular music. She has possibly donated her time to worthwile charities

Vanessa sang 31 songs - a partial list is:Breaking FreeAfraidCome Back To MeDanceDriveLet GoLose Your LoveNever Underestimate A GirlPromisePsyhicRather Be YouSay Okay

It depends what you mean. Her first single was Baby Come Back to Me. Then again, when she was like, 3, she sang songs from Annie

Vanessa Hudgens is a famous singer/actress on Disney channel.You may re-call her because she is in High School Musical (Gaberiala).She also has a couple songs such as "Baby Come Back to Me" and many more.

Vanessa Hudgens who plays Gabriella doesn't sing any of it she mouths. :0 Not sure who really sings it, Sorry.

Star in a crappy musical with horrible cheesy songs and ugly gay guys, and take pictures of yourself naked, and post them on the internet!!!

no she doesnt. if you listen closley her voice, it changes constantly. Listen to when there was me and you and you are the music in me, you can really tell its fake in those songs.

A bonus track has bonus songs or videos while a regular CD has your average songs.

If you're talking ablut downloadable content, it's not possible. If you're talking about bonus songs, you can purchase them at the in-game store.

I guess it's because she's not really famous for her songs just yet. I mean, she's a famous singer, but just not the famous type to have her songs broadcast in movies or in television shows or stuff like that.

when there was me and you gotta go my own way say Ok let go colors of the wind rather be with you drive whatever will be promise baby come back to me

there are 170 songs, not including bonus tracks

the bonus songs on the deluxe addition of skillet's awake CD are dead inside, would it matter and the radio edit of monster

which song do you mean? could you clarify the question a little please? they sang songs together because it was part of the movie they were both in: High School Musical 1, 2, & 3

Deluxe - 22 songs (bonus songs) Standard - 19 songs

in this game there are 39 songs with the bonus song s and m

17 without the bonus tracks, with the bonus tracks there are 20

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