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How can you put a stop to an overbearing sibling?


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2005-11-12 21:57:15
2005-11-12 21:57:15

Am the middle child of 17 but we have one sister that stands out for her bossy tone and tantrums (she's 47). Unfortunately, people like this always have the right answer and are seldom wrong so pointing out the behaviour won't work. I avoided her for years and now live 1100 miles away and find hanging up on her the best way to avoid listening to her tell me how I should be.

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If your sibling is bugging you alot even when you ask them to stop then sit them down and ask them what is really bothering them.

Thr overbearing parents constantly monitored their child's activities.

Talk with your parents and ask them some suggestions. Help your sibling make friends, besides yours, and get some interests.

You have to stop being a wimp and put her in her place. She wants you to take control, but thinks you are not man enough to do it. It will cause a fight as you know, but what do you have to loose. Don't be miserable your entire life. Be a man and be the man she needs you to be.

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The easiest way is to treat them both equally. Try taking them out one on one, about once a month. That might help. I think that sibling rivalry is usually rooted in jealousy.

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