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How can you put car in gear and brakes are out?


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If the brakes are out then you have no business putting it in any gear because it is unsafe to drive a car with no brakes.


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we have to put the gear to neutral and apply brakes, and start the car.

Start the motor and then put it in gear. Point it down hill and release the brakes

car starts but when i put it in gear it stop

keeps you from putting car in gear unless brakes are pushed. I have been doing that wanting to put the truck in gear but it is not happening. It is still stuck in park.

It shouldn't matter to you if your brakes are leaking if your car is already stopped where you want to leave it. Brakes are never used when your car is parked. Just put the car in park and you're done. If you have an automatic, just leave it in a gear.

Coasting requires you to put the gear into neutral and let the car freewheel down the hill. If you came to a bend on the hill and someone was speeding up the hill, you may not have enough time to react and slam on the brakes, or slow down. When you aren't in gear, you have less control of your car, as opposed to if you was in gear. E.g. If you were in gear and slammed on the brakes, your car would stall, jerk you forward and stop, however because you aren't in gear, your car won't stop rolling.(It's why you can push your car when it's out of gear, but you can't push it when it's in gear).

A clunking noise, when you put your car into gear, is most likely caused by a bad u-joint. A problem in the transmission can also cause the noise.

Second gear. Using the brakes on a downgrade is very hard on them and can (frequently does) lead to early brake failure. You may need to use your brakes a bit on a steep downgrade, but a lower gear is the better choice.

The brakes are not releasing and need to be brought back to whoever put them on.

the transmission is always in gear. if its not there is probably a stripped gear in the transmission.

When the shifting linkage is disconnected the car will appear to go into gear but not move. The car will not move when the transmission fluid is low.

It's the gearshift unlock switch, so you can't put the car in gear without putting the brakes on.

Take your foot off the accelerator and gently pump the brakes so not to overheat the brakes. Downshift to a lower gear to use the engine for braking

Gears in a car change where the powerband (or Torque) are in the RPM range relative to what gear it's in. When a car is put into 1st gear, the "power" in the car is very very low in the RPM range and this is why a car is put into a low gear when climbing a hill or steep grade.

The car will not move when you put it in gear.

you may not be at a high enough rpm

Only if they (the car dealership) DID NOT put that information on the Bill of Sale.

The transmission. or clutch if it has one.

Well, considering the fact that cars don't work without brakes, Brakes were put into cars at the very beginning of car-time. Common sense, evidently, is something you lack.

I put into drive or try reverse and theshifter won't go into gear.

There can be two possibilities. The first is your wheel bearing going bad. The second could be the drive axle wearing out.

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