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Put it on the SIM card.

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Q: How can you put music on a lg dare flashed to metro?
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How do you put songs on a lg dare?

you have to take the charger cord out of the mainbase and plug the cord into your phone and your computer but first you have to install the V CAST music with rhaspody with a CD you shouldve gotten with your dare, or you can just buy it from v cast music if you go to the media center and touch the music and tones then touch v cast music

Where to put apostrophe in dare not?

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How do you get iTunes on to the LG Dare?

you cannot, but u can put unlocked music files(not ones bought from the music store unless burned onto a CD then reriped) onto it by way of plugging it into the computer then dragging them in

How do you unfreeze your metro phone?

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No you can't connect a Side Kick in Metro PCS !

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How to reprogram a metro phone to put a new number on it

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Is it possible to use a digicel sim card in a metro pcs?

Can I put my digicel sim in my metro phone?

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