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If the ticket you purchased was a full-fare first, business, or economy ticket and is less than one year old, you may contact the PIA ticket office in the city where you purchased your ticket.

However, if your ticket was a discounted economy fare, it most likely has restrictions which make the entire ticket non-refundable. It is essential that you contact the agency where you purchased the ticket to enquire as to whether it has any value at all. In most cases it will not.

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Q: How can you refund your unused ticket of Pakistan international airline?
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How do you get a refund on a nonrefundable airline ticket?

You can't since it is a non-refundable ticket.

How do you claim for a refund of airline ticket?

Better call the airline company where you got your tickets.

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How do you refund a united airline plane ticket?

Call 1-888-551-6881 within the U.S. or Canada.

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How can you transfer airplane e-ticket?

Each airline has its own rules and regulations governing etickets and their transfer or refund. You must check directly with the individual airline for their rules.

Can you refund an Asiana Airline ticket?

Most airlines, including Asiana Airline, sell non-refundable tickets, unless you have specifically purchased a refundable ticket. There may be special reasons for refunds. Contact the airlines for complete details.

Where can you get an example of an airline ticket?

Go to an airport and ask someone if you can see, their airline ticket or if not, then just purchase an airline ticket.

If I lose my ticket, is it possible to get a refund of the airfare?

The airlines will give a refund for lost tickets but it takes some time. First you must contact the airline directly to find out what their policy is. Generally they require that you fill out a lost ticket form and then you will have to pay for another ticket. Once 90 days has passed without the ticket being used they will refund the money minus any applicable fees.

Where can you purchase an around the world airline ticket?

Any of the International Airlines would be happy to assist you...

What are the Cheapest airline ticket to Nepal? provides Cheapest airline ticket to Nepal

Where is the most common place a person will checkin before flying to a international destination?

A person who is traveling to an international destination will check in with the airline they are flying with. When at the counter of their airline, they will get their luggage checked, and taken, and they will submit their ticket and identification.

How airline ticket purchased was used?

question makes no sense. call the airline you used the ticket on.

Can you show me the sample airline tickets?

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Refund from united airline for change schedule fee when the passenger cannot fly and is in a hospital?

Most airlines will offer a refund or at least a ticket change if provided with a doctor's certificate. Contact United Airlines directly for more information.

What to do when flights been cancelled for repair?

The 'normal' outcome - would be that the airline transfers you to a later flight - or offers you a refund if you decide you don't want to fly. If it's a mechanical fault - the airline is responsible for either transferring you or refunding your ticket.

Do airlines send passengers to rival airlines when overbooked or cancelled?

well, its usually the passengers choice whether to go on another airline or to re-book. but unfortunately, some airlines can't refund the ticket to be used on another airline.

What is the salary of an airline ticket agent?

In the United States, the average yearly salary for an airline ticket agent is $33,670. Estimates show that there are almost 127,000 airline ticket agents in the U.S. alone.

Where can you view a sample copy of an airline ticket?

you can find an example on wikipedia type in airline ticket and it will come up.

What is the markup for an airline ticket?

25 %

What information is printed on an airline ticket?

There are a variety of things that can be found on an airline ticket. Information such as passenger name, departure airport and destination airport as well as the dates of travel are all included on an airline ticket.

Can I change the date of my airline ticket once booked?

Yes, but this may incur a change fee depending on your ticket. The easiest way to change a ticket is usually on the website of your airline. If you are unsure what to do, call your airline.

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