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Try using a cleanser with bleach in it. Or make your own. Use a water/bleach solution (3/4 cup to 1 gallon of water) in a spray bottle. You can dilute/strenthen the solution if needed. Hope this helps.

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Q: How can you remove black mold stains from a bathtub?
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i stored a vinyl hot tub in storage and now it has yellow and black mold stains on it. how do i remo?

i stored a vinyl hot tub in storage and now it has yellow and black mold stains on it. how do i remove the stains and smell?

What household products can I use to remove black and green mold stains from my cement patio?

mold from wool carpet

how do i remove black mold from fabric?

how do i remove black mold from fabric?

How do you get rid of jelly mold?

Bleach will safely remove any type of mold or mildew stains.

How do you remove mold or mildew on leather furniture?

How to remove mold from black couches

How can one remove black mold easily?

My bathroom has suddenly developed yucky black mold. How can I remove it easily?

How to remove Black mold on ceiling ?

What causes Black Mold on ceiling in bathroom?

Are there any natural ways to remove black mold?

Yes, there are natural ways to remove black mold. To remove the black mold, you will have to slightly mist the surface with water. Second, clean the mold off with soap and then add a disinfectant to kill the black mold spores. Finally, remove the mold and place it in a heavy-duty plastic bag. Make sure to keep the bag outside at all times.

How do you remove mold stains from clothes?

Wash them and use a spot remover. That should work.

How can one remove black mold in the bathroom?

Black mold is the most common form of bathroom mold. Black mold grows on porous surfaces that stay damp or get wet several times a day. The most effective way of getting rid of black mold is: - ventilate the room so the porous surfaces become dry - Remove the mold and remove its black color by using a chlorine solution (watch out for your clothes, it bleaches)

How do you remove mold from oil painting or canvas?

Hi How do I remove mould stains from an acrylis painting which was painted on natural canvas

Where can i find good black mold removal service in boston? will travel to remove black mold.

How can you Remove Mold Stains from Clothing?

I generally use scissors, but this technique tends to leave holes!

There is mold along the grout in your bathtub Do you need to call an expert to your house?

You could remove the mold yourself, but you might want to check any safety hazards the mold has for your health. But there are experts who will do it for you for a cost.

How do you remove green mold from wood?

To remove green mold from wood fill a bucket with household detergent, and warm water. Dip a cloth into the cleaning solution and use the cloth to clean the mold. Next sand down the area to remove deeper stains. Finally, varnish or clear coat the area.

What is black mold and how do I remove it?

The best way to get rid of black mold is to use bleach containing products. The mold causes severe allergic reactions in people who have breathing problems.

How do you remove black mold on white towels?

Clorox solution

What are uses for bleach?

Help Flowers Last Longer. ... Whiten Tile Grout. ... Remove Mold & Mildew. ... Clean Toilets. ... Remove Stains from White Clothing. ... Sanitize Plastic Toys. ...

How can black mold removal be done safely?

To remove black mold safely, one should contact a specialist who can do it safely. They will have all the necessary tools and expertise as black mold can be toxic. Check the local listings for a specialist in this area.

Can mold grow inside a bathtub enclosure?


Can mold grow inside the walls of a bathtub enclosure?

If there is any kind of an opening or leak, then yes, mold could grow inside the walls of a bathtub enclosure. Moisture and darkness are the perfect environment for many kinds of mold to grow.

What color does black mold turn after removal?

Its the white one when you cover it with bleach. Bleach remove the visible mold accurately.

Can freezing kill black mold?

No it can not because black mold can't be removing unless you use something to remove it. Well I'm not sure but I'm guessing I am right.

how do i remove mold from vinyl?

how do i remove mold from vinyl

How do you get mold out of cotton pillowcase?

It really isn't practical, throw it out and buy new ones. Chlorine bleach (10% dilution) will kill the mold and remove any mold stains, but the fabric will have been damaged and weakened and will probably tear.

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