How can you remove creases in your pool liner?

Above ground pool? First, it's almost impossible with the water in it. The water is too heavy. So, drain water down to appropriate level. Remove the top rails and liner keepers one or two at a time. Pull up on the liner and get as many creases out as possible. Replace rails and keepers ase you go. note: You won't get all the wrinkles out and the longer they've been there, the harder it will be. On the floor of the pool, if you have more then 7-8 inches of water in it, you won't be able to pull the wrinkles out. Water is too heavy.

If you have had the liner in there for a short period of time and the creases or wrinkles are on the floor, I would drain the water down to about 1 to two inches of water in the liner. Get inside the pool with bear feet and grab the liner with your feet pulling the wrinkles to the edge of the pool wall. The weight of the water that is left in the pool will help hold the wrinkles out while you pull them to the wall. Once you have gotten all or as many of them out as you can then you can refill your liner. If the liner has been in there for a long time it will be impossible to remove all the wrinkles due to the liner being shaped that way for an extended period of time.

If they are on the wall you would have to drain the water and remove the top rails. Move around the outside of the pool pulling down on the liner on the outer top edge of the pool. This will help to bring the liner higher up the wall and help pull the wrinkles out. You then would do the same thing listed above for the floor.

If you have a beaded liner and the wrinkles are on the wall this means your cove at the inside bottom of the wall, between the wall and liner, may be to high. To fix this you would have to drain the water all the way down, pull the liner back from the wall, exposing the sand underneath the liner, and "cut" the cove down some or remove some of the cove, to reduce the height. Return the liner to the wall and add about 2 inches of water across the entire bottom of the floor. Then you can start pulling the liner with your feet like earlier, removing the wrinkles. NOTE you still might not be able to eliminate all the wrinkles.