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Maybe take a look at "SLD (Speed Limit Defencer)" by HKS

MetroWest Regional Transit Authority was created in 2006.

The speed governor? The one that only lets you go up to ~97mph?You have to get your computer reprogrammed:

there is no cable you have speed sensors located in the tail shaft of the transmission

Pink Line - Chicago Transit Authority - was created in 2006.

how do you remove a 2006 camry radio?

You can't as the speed is computer controlled. with a chip or if you or some one you know works at a gm dealer they can do bu they wont for random people

The Ford Transit LWB hosts a 2.2L Duratorq TDCi engine. The Ford Transit LWB weighs approximately 1800 kilograms or 2 tons and has been produced since 2006.

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can you forward me a picture of the speed sensor to a 2006 nissan altima?

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If your van is like mine, try under the drivers seat. sometimes theres a compartment there.

remove wheelremove brake caliperremove rotor

To remove a radio from a 2006 Kia Rio, you need to disconnect the negative battery terminal. Next, remove the upper panel and the mounting screws.

The 2006 Honda CBF 250 seat is held in place by four retaining bolts. Remove the retaining bolts to remove the seat.

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