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A professional can ususally sew the tears and make the repair indetectable. Otherwise, get some waterproof canvas, and get out the ol' Singer (brand of sewing machine). A junkyard may offer a low cost used convertable top, and youd be suprised by the top bnotch condition of some of the stuff from a junker! Good Luck Lau

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Q: How can you repair holes in a convertible top?
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How do you repair convertible top on 2008 Audi TT?

We need to know what is wrong with the convertible top before we can determine how to repair it.

Can you repair a convertible top with tape?

It is not advised it repair a convertible top with tape. The types of tape that would survive the weather would be near impossible to remove later.

How do you repair a cut in a convertible top?

I use duct tape in between top replacements.

Is there a car repair place that will repair a convertible top for my 1969 corvette in Atlanta Georgia?

For the repair of you 1969 Corvettes’ convertible top, in Atlanta, GA, check out ‘Contemporary Upholstery & Repair’ 6855 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30360-(770) 455 1992. Remember, when looking for a reliable place for repair, replacement, and upkeep of convertible tops looks for upholstery businesses in your area. Most upholsters specialize in furniture and automobile interior and exteriors. Shop around for prices since convertible top care for automobile can be expensive.

How much does it cost to repair a 2004 BMW 3 series convertible top?


Is there a manual to change the convertible top on a 87 Toyota Celica convertible?

Toyota published a "Convertible Repair Manual Supplement" which covers top replacement. The manual is available from Toyota dealers and is publication number 00400-RM042-S.

Can you repair a convertible top with adhesive?

Maybe for a limited time. Weather will erode the adhesive fairly soon.

How do i repair the convertible top window if it came loose at bottom in a 00' cavalier?

glue it with clear epoxy

How can you repair a volkswagen convertible top that is coming apart at the seam?

To repair a Volkswagen convertible top that is coming apart at the seam may require re-stitching the seam and then placing a canvas patch over the entire seam to prevent further damage to the top. This should be done on the inside of the top so that the car's appearance is not altered.

1994 mustang convertible with a tear in it how can you repair it?

duct tape. or get a new top. there is no easy fix. try

Is there any way to repair a tear in my vinyl convertible top myself?

There are many solutions to be found online. Ehow has several step-by-step directions which can be found here:

Need a 2002 vw cabrio convertible top?

where do i find a convertible top for a 2002 v.w.cabrio

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