Duct Tape

First invented in the 1920s, Duct Tape was developed further during World War II by a division of the Johnson & Johnson company. Duct Tape is a strong adhesive tape with a cloth- or scrim-back, often coated with polyethylene. While soldiers were the first to use the product, Duct Tape was quickly adopted in other areas, to make shoes shoes stronger, for wrapping steel cables or electrical conductors, and to wrap duct-work on furnaces.

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Duct Tape

What is a fair price for a duct tape wallet?

19$ maximum

Duct Tape

How do you make duct tape gauntlets?

Take a roll of duct tape and keep wrapping it around your hands and fingers until it looks like a glove. Then smack your friend in the face with it and say "I challenge you to a duel!!"

Duct Tape

Is it sinful to like to duct tape your mouth?

No... just slightly strange. "Sinful" is one of those tricky words. Some people think it's "sinful" to work on the Sabbath. So it depends on your particular faith tradition. Duct taping your mouth is not inherently dangerous or abusive (since you're doing to yourself). Of course, if you find yourself doing it to the point of injuring yourself, you might want to discuss this with a sympathetic couselor.

Duct Tape

Is cloth tape the same as duct tape?

No, it is completely different.

Duct Tape

Does bed liner stick over duct tape?

Only if properly placed or wrapped on it.

Duct Tape

Is it safe to duct tape the muffler until it can be fixed properly?

no it is not safe at all.what will work better is a product called muffler or exhaust bandage.its available from most auto stores and it works very well for a temporary repair. its basically a sort of tape designed for high temperature eg mufflers

Duct Tape

What stores carry duct tape?

Hardware stores such as Ace, True Value, Orchard Supply, Home improvement centers like Lowes or Home Depot, HVAC supply, Department stores like Walmart and Target.

Duct Tape

Can chewing duct tape make you high?


Duct Tape

Why will duct tape not work in space?

Duct Tape in Space

Whoever told you this is wrong. Duct tape is useful everywhere. See:


But you'd have some major trouble with suction cups!

Duct tape saved one of the Apollo crews

They did have trouble getting duck (not "duct", it was used to seal the edges of canvas duck tarps to protect cargo from rain etc.) tape to hold on one of the later Apollo missions. The fender of the Lunar Rover needed repairing but was so dusty the duck tape wouldn't hold. They ended up using clamps to hold a spare map in place so the tire would not throw dust all over the astronauts.

Duct Tape

Can you use duct tape to fix a fireplace flue?

sure why not

No, it will simply burn off and possibly start a fire. There is metal foil tape available that may solve your problem depending on what you are trying to fix. You may need to replace pipe instead of trying to patch or fix what you have.

You need to be registered for working with gas appliances otherwise you may become liable in the event of an accident arising. If the fireplace flue is non gas then it would be ok to use duct tape to fix it yourself if it is not near any part that will be heated. Never use tape on any heated part.

You should not attempt to repair any gas appliances yourself unless you are a qualified and registered gas engineer.

Duct Tape

How do you eliminate the smell of duct tape?

put water on it

Duct Tape

How much is colored duct tape at michaels?

3 to 4 dollars

Duct Tape

Do walgreen's sell duct tape?

Usually, but not always.

Duct Tape

Where do you get duct tape in Germany?


Duct Tape

Will duct tape damage a guitars paint job?


a masking tape (bright yellow brown) wont.

Duct Tape

Is it safe for dogs to chew on duct tape?

No, the adhesive is toxic. If it is eaten in large amounts it would make your dog sick. I don't believe it would be fatal though.

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Duct Tape

Name some kinds of tape?

Pocket tape measure- These tapes are small enough to fit in your pockets. It ranges from 2m to 10 m and is handy to use. There are various shapes and sizes available at online office supplies store like Mark4Os in Pennsylvania.

Tapes with notes- For those who need to note down the measurements too frequently can go for purchasing tapes with notes, You can make notes easily on the paper that is attached to the tape. It mostly has Sturdy belt clip on back. Pen for writing notes.

Specialised tape measures- Such tapes are specially designed to do a unique job or for a specific application or trade.
Duct Tape

What is the difference between duct tape and masking tape?

Masking tape is a paper product (usually tan color) with adhesive that makes it easily removable. It's a temporary tape. Most people put masking tape on window seals and around door frames (and many other places) when painting a room. Duct tape is made with a plastic coating (usually silver color); it has a very strong adhesive and is meant to be permanent. It's a little hard to remove and it leaves a lot of adhesive on the surface when you remove it.

Duct Tape

A kind of heavy tape?

what is it called when you lead or guide an orchestra or train

Duct Tape

How much duct tape is on one roll?

It really depends, there are different sizes or rolls, You can look on the packaging of the duct tape and it'll say.

Duct Tape

How do you remove the sticky stuff from duct tape backing from stained wood?

AnswerYou would want to use something that dissolves the glue remnants without removing the stain. Try soaking the area with tung oil, Olde English oil or similar product. Let sit a few minutes and you should be able to gently scrape it off. Remove excess oil with a clean, dry cloth.

Paint thinner werx well for removing tape glue from painted or stained surfaces. Use a cloth with your pointed finger rubbing in circular motion.

Duct Tape

Where can you find colored duct tape?

Fred Meyers

Parkrose Hardware


(I think) Walmart

Duct Tape

At what temperature does duct tape melt?

95 degrees

Duct Tape

What are some things that you can make out of duct tape?

You can make tons of things out of duck tape like wallets, purses, and in some occasions, dresses, skirts, lunch boxes, earrings, and hair accessories (hairbows,etc.)

Duct Tape

What was the original price of duct tape?

The related link did not have the original price, but it does have some interesting facts about how duct tape started in 1942.


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