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How can you save 5000 in one year?

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How much money do you have to save a week to have 5000 in a year?

A year usually has 52 weeks. So assuming you can save 100 bucks a week you will have more than 5000 bucks at the end of the year. 52 * 100 = 5200/- You can even afford to miss saving 100 bucks up to 2 weeks in a year and still end up with 5000 bucks.

What is one fourth of 5000?

One fourth of 5000 is 1250.

How many student make division one basketball teams a year?


How much money will you have in one year if you save a penny everyday?

SavingsIf you start with $0.00 and save a penny daily, you will have saved $3.65 in one year (or $3.66 in a leap year).

If a star is 5000 light-years away how long does it take for its light to reach earth?

5000 years. By definition, a light year is the distance a beam of light can travel in one year.

Which one is greater 5000 cm or 5m?

5000 cm is greater.

Need to save 2000.00 in one year how much you save per week out of 500.00?


If you earn 5000 pounds a year how much tax will you pay?

if i earn £5000 a year what percentage of tax should i pay

What is one quarter of 5000?

5000 / 4 = 1,250

How many people does one cop save a year?

different amounts every year.

How much rain must a forest receive to be called a rain forest?

5000 inches in one year

How can you get a ac pet in AQWorlds?

Save up as many ACs as you can and wait til a rare one comes along. That or save up either 5000 or 10000 ACs and buy a bank AC pet from Valencia.

When was 5000 years ago?

Taking it from 2008 then 5000 years ago was the year 2992 BC.

When did the history of computer start?

5000 year 9000 year 8000 year 2000 year

What year were cavemen around?

5000 bce

What year were pictographs invented?

5000 BCE.

How old is mohinjodaro?

5000/- year BC

How much do you make a year if you make 5000 a month?

60,000 a year

If the principal is 5000 the rate is 7 and the time is 4 years will the interest be 42.30?

No. $42.30 is less than one percent of 5000.

What year were wind mills invented?

the windmill was invented in 5000 b.c the windmill was invented in 5000 b.c

How any pumpkins on 1 plant?

I say maybe ten? There for you get 5000 pumkins in one year from one pumkin plant holding 500 seeds from the year before,awesome ae

How much do you save to have one million dollars in ten years?

You would have to save $100,000 a year for you to get $1,000,000 in ten years.

How many kilometers are in 5000 meters?

There are 1000 metres in one kilometre. Therefore, 5000 metres is equal to 5000 / 1000 = 5 kilometres.There are 1000 metres in one kilometre. Therefore, 5000 kilometres is equal to 5000 x 1000 = 5000000 metres.

How many days are there in 5000 years?

There are 365¼ days in a year SO ...365¼ x 5000 = 182650 days

How do you get 5000 rox on moshimonsters?

Save up all your rox !! and then buy whateva u want

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