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Anyone who uses a computer should make a habit of creating backup files on different media. The CD-ROM/R/RW format has become the most popular, due to the size of files and software. For documents, 3 1/4 inch floppies are usually adequate, as text takes up very little room. However, most users should at least invest in a CD burner so that they can save downloaded material, pictures, video, audio, and other large files. Once this is done, it is safe to format the hard disk, which is the only way to get rid of many of the nasties that make their way into your computer from the World Wide Web.

2006-08-04 04:08:40
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Can Google Docs save documents in Text Document format?

Yes, you can save files in the .TXT format.

Can a computer mouse save documents?

no it can not save documents because the mouse can help you choose different things on your computer

Word processor what is it?

A word processor is a computer program that is used to enter, format and manipulate text. The program allows you to save your work, and to print documents.

What does bmp computer terminology?

Bitmap or .bmp is a file format that is used to save created documents, Microsoft Paint uses .bmp when the file is saved.

What are USB's used for in a computer?

to save documents

What is save in Microsoft Word?

Save does just that and saves the file so you can use it later. You can save the file to my documents, a USB stick or anywhere on your computer. Word files are usually saved in either .doc or .docx format

Why would you select for example a PNG or pdf file format?

A PNG file format would be used to save images. A PDF file format would be used to save documents or word files.

Does control and the letter s on your computer save documents?

some do

What can one do with the Primo PDF coverter software?

Primo PDF converter software enables you to easily create PDF documents from a wide variety of file types. This software functions as a print driver on your computer which allows you to print many types of documents into PDF format and save them on your computer.

What is a popular file format used by document management software to save converted documents?


How do you save a movie on your school computer?

Click on File, Save Project. Or you can Finish/Publish the movie (exporting it as Standard format) on the computer. Or you can save it on a thumb drive.

Where is the best place to save pictures on your computer?

in a folder under My Documents

A popular file format used by document management software to save converted documents is?

PDF (Portable Document Format), developed by Adobe Systems.

What software is used to create edit format and save documents?

A word processor. Word Processing software

Why do computer users save documents to their computer?

Because a computer provides a large amount of space which data can be stored on like documents etc. All documents should be backed up because if the hard drive fails, it will lose all data including the documents.

What are the uses of computer in hospitals?

to see the cctvs and save oter documents of patients

How do you save a song from a CD to your computer?

If the song is already in the MP3 format just copy it from the CD and paste it in the hard drive as it is. If the song is not in the mp3 format first you have to convert it in to MP3 format and save it to the computer. This can be done using a software called ripper which can be downloaded from the internet.

How do you save a picture from cyberlink youcam?

They automatically save on to your computer when you take them. They should be in your documents in a map called "YouCam".

What is collection or piece of information on your computer?

A collection of documents on your computer refers to files. Your computer comes with files and you create files as you save information to your computer.

Where does the document saved on the computer?

the document asks you where you want to save them.any a times the documents get saved at a default location.Check the My documents folder for that.

How do you save and edit Access documents on Yahoomail?

You can save any attachment to your computer. You will need Microsoft Access to actually open it.

Name something you can save on your computer?

Documents, pictures, music, games, addresses, emails

What is the term for the various terms that you save to your computer such as documents spreadsheets images or videos?


How do you save a file in Microsoft Word 2007 so people with Office 97-2003 or other programs can read it?

Office 2007 by default uses a more advanced "XML" format for saving documents in order to support features like shadows or reflections in images or better object positioning. This format is given the name of the previous Office formats, with an "x" affixed on the end. So while Office 97-2003 uses the .doc format, Office 2007 uses the .docx format, something not supported by old versions of the program. Office 2003 and can only support the .docx format with special add-ins. In order to make files from Office 2007 accessible to people with programs lacking .docx support, you can save your documents in the older .doc format, or in the universal PDF format. In order to save all future documents as a .doc file, click the Office Orb at the upper-left, click the "Word Options" button at the bottom of the drop-down menu, and in the Save tab you have the option to save the documents in the Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc) file format. This will make the .doc format the default format. If you just want to save an individual document in the .doc format, you can simply choose "Save as" from the orb menu and select the Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc) format. In order to save Office 2007 files in the PDF format, for people who cannot even open regular Office documents, you need a special add-in found at (Office 2008 for Mac has this feature built-in and doesn't require the add-in). After downloading and installing the add-in, you can save a document in the PDF format by clicking "Save as" from the orb menu, and in the "Save as type" list you will have the PDF option.

Definition of Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is a word processing program that you can use to create, edit, format, and save documents