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Until last year, WDW travel packages were not a very good deal. However, since the introduction of the Magic Your Way ticket and related packages, most of the discounts that Disney offers are extensions of their travel packages. You just have to find the package that matches your travel needs. For example, they offer a Dining Plan that can save you money if you like to eat a table-service restaurants every day. They are offering it for FREE for a limited time this fall, potentially saving a family of four $700 or more (depending on the length of your vacation and who's in the family). For room-only reservations, the only "almost sure thing" is the AAA and CAA discount, which is 10-30 percent. They have also offered discounts to Annual Passholders; the best specials are offered during value or regular season. Check the Disney World web site frequently, as some specials are posted there (especially Golf packages). Above all, become familiar with the various "seasons" at WDW. They are different from other travel destinations. Room rates are based on the season and level of hotel. Sometimes changing your vacation by a week or two or changing from a Deluxe Resort to a Moderate or Value Resort makes a signficant different in your rate. More money-saving tips from FAQ Farmers: * Here are some tips from Mary Waring of, an expert on Disney travel. * Book the

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Q: How can you save money at Disney hotels?
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Should you get the Disney dining plan at Disney World?

yes, it does save money

How can travelers save money on hotels in Cancun?

The best way to save money on hotels anywhere is using online websites like Expedia and Travelocity. By using these websites, you can find the lowest prices possible because they have deals with the hotels.

Is it better to get a hotel in Orlando or to stay in DisneyWorld itself?

It really depends on whether you want convenience or if you wish to save money. Hotels in Orlando, but not in Disney World will be less costly, but you will have to contend with traffic.

What are good Disney hotels for a family of 4 and a baby?

What are good Disney hotels for a family of four and a baby

What is the best way to save money at Hilton Garden Inn?

The best way to save money at Hilton Hotels is to apply for membership to the Hilton Rewards Club.

What are the hotels near Disney world?

The best hotels near Disney World perfect for tourists like you, maybe I'll find, the best hotels near Disney World, for your needs.

Where do I find cheap hotels in Anaheim?

You can find a listing of affordable hotels for Disneyland at This site also has tons of tips for saving money on a Disneyland vacation.

What Does Disney get money from?

Disney hires the same people for movies so the save money and makes new songs, Disney also bought club penguin, so now u have to pay money 2 get good stuff.

Staying Away From The Attractions At LAX Hotels ?

There is a lot to be said by staying away from the attractions that Los Angeles is known for. Whether you're in town to see Disney World, the Zoo or some other attraction, you can save a lot of money on Los Angeles hotels that are near the airport. There is plenty of public transportation, so don't worry about gas money or taxis.

What hotels are in downtown Orlando?

"There are several hotels in downtown Orlando. These can vary from the Hilton, the Sheraton, Disney, Embassy suites, the Days in, etc. It depends on how much money you want to spend."

Which Disney feature film used watercolor background to save money?

All are correct

Choosing a Disney World Hotel to Fit Your Budget?

When looking for a Disney World hotel, be sure to check the rates for the hotels on Disney property. You would be surprised to find that there are value priced hotels. These value hotels include the use of Disney transportation and will immerse you in the middle of the Disney magic, but are budget friendly at the same time.

Can you honeymoon at Walt Disney World?

Absolutely! Disney has hotels and even cruises!

What are some deals for hotel rooms at Disney?

There are four 4 hotels inside Walt Disney World which are not owned by Disney World. We happen to think these Disney World hotels offer the best value. They are priced down near the lower end of the Disney World limited service hotels, but provides exceptional quality for your vacation stay.

Where might one find Disney World resort hotels?

You can find Disney World resort hotels in Florida. You can find a list of the best Disney World resort hotels in Florida online at the Expedia website. Once on the website, you can book a stay online.

What are some good hotels around Los Angeles Disney World?

Some good hotels are the Tropicana Inn, The Carousel Inn and The Anaheim Camelot Inn and Suites. All three hotels are within walking distance of Disneyland and all are Disney Good Neighbor Hotels which means you may purchase Disney Tickets there and you may also get a Magic Morning Early Entry usually available only from Disney owned hotels.

How can you save money at Walt Disney World?

One of the biggest savings I've found is to not stay at a Disney resort. There are tons of great hotels and rental cottages (We LOVE Tropical Palms) literally 10 minutes away from any park. They are much cheaper that staying at Disney. Disney parks allow you to bring food but you can't bring coolers or any type of food that needs cooking. Many outside places have their own kitchenettes so you can eat breakfast and maybe dinner at your room. Some nearby hotels even offer free continental breakfast. Try to plan your vacation during the off-season as many things in the area are discounted. You can also save money if you are a Florida resident, AAA member, or military personnel.

Do hotels offer coupons for vacation deals?

Yes, some hotels offer vacation deals to lure in customers. Try to find the hotels that are currently offering specials or vacation deals so that you can save some money.

What is the portfolio of Disney?

its the all business that Disney offer such as videos ,channels, Disney land ,hotels ,products ,etc

What are the best hotels to stay at in Disney World?

Three of the best hotels to stay at Disney World is the Contemporary and Polynesian and the Grand Floridian hotels. These are the best as you are able to avoid the hustle and bustle of buses and parking lots.

What hotels are close to downtown Disney Orlando?

Downtown Disney hotels in the Orlando area include 7 different hotels. Those hotels are Buena Vista Palace, Best Western, DoubleTree Suites, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Royal Plaza and Wyndham.

What are the release dates for Walt Disney World Resort - 2012 Disney Resort Hotels 1-4?

Walt Disney World Resort - 2012 Disney Resort Hotels 1-4 was released on: USA: December 2012

what hotels are located in or near walt disney world resort in fl?

To find hotels located near Walt Disney World in Florida, it can be helpful to look at the Walkt Disney World website. If you want to stay the closest to the resort, you can stay at the Walt Disney Resort itself. or can give you information on nearby hotels.

Why do Vegas hotels have locked windows?

To save on air conditioning and so when you loose all your money, you don't jump out of one.

How many Disney hotels are there in Disneyland Paris?