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Struggling to find the perfect attendant dresses while not completely blowing your bridesmaid's budget is a tough one. On one hand, you want the day to be absolutely perfect and so beautiful as to never be forgotten. On the other hand, you know that these dresses may only be worn once, and it's hard to spend a fortune on something so frivolous. One good way to appease your budget (or your bridesmaid's, if they're going to pay for the dresses) is to shop for the dresses during or especially just after the holidays. The key, though, is to not look in expensive bridal salons for the dresses.

Try your local department store's formal wear department, or even catalogues. Not only can you find absolute steals on bridesmaid dresses, but often you might be able to find just the perfect design and color, while still choosing a dress that your bridesmaids can wear to other formal-type occasions. In addition, many of the dress designs in department stores are incredibly similar to those you'd find in a bridal salon, and no one will ever be the wiser.

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Q: How can you save money on bridesmaids' dresses?
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What is the average price for bridesmaids dresses from Simply Bridal?

The average price of bridesmaids dresses from Simply Bridal is just $99.99. They have so many styles and great colors to choose from. Their wedding dresses are priced between $99.99 and $700.00. This is a great site for brides and her bridesmaids to save money without compromising fashion.

Who pays for bridesmaids dresses?

The bridesmaids.

What store has vintage bridesmaids dresses? is know for vintage items. Search under dresses, and they may even have a bridesmaids section. You can find affordable dresses there that even the bridesmaids will love.

What color do junior bridesmaids wear?

Junior Bridesmaids can wear the same colors as your adult bridesmaids. In fact, many designers are offering a junior bridesmaid version of their regualr bridesmaids dresses. One designer, Alexia Designs has a very beautiful selection of junior bridesmaids dresses which match their bridesmaids dresses.

Do bridesmaids pay for their own dresses?

Normally the bridesmaids pay for their own ensemble.

Does a fiance's mom go shopping for the bridesmaids dresses?

She can if that is what everyone planning the wedding decides. Typically, the bride chooses the bridesmaids dresses though.

Where can a woman find ideas for dresses for her bridesmaids to wear to a wedding?

Finding bridesmaids dresses can be stressful for the bride and the wedding party. The best place to find ideas for bridesmaids dresses is by attending bridal fashion show hosted by local bridal shops and browsing through bridal fashion magazines.

Is there photos of Rachel Monica's bridesmaids dresses when Phoebe got married on Friends?

No, there is only a picture that shows Rachel's bridesmaids dress.

Does David's Bridal offer bridesmaids dresses under $100?

David's Bridal does offer good quality bridesmaids dresses for under $100. There are also periodic sales at the store where you can find great deals.

When is it suitable to wear black bridesmaid dresses?

It is suitable for bridesmaids to wear black dresses. While this was previously a color associated with funerals, there is no fashion ruling that it is not appropriate throughout the year for a wedding to include black bridesmaid dresses. It's now become prosaic for bridesmaids to wear black dresses.

What are some good places to get cheap bridesmaids dresses?

David's Bridal is a very good place to go for cheap bridesmaids dresses. Also, Dillard's or Belk's at certain times of the year have cheap formal dresses that can easily be used as bridesmaid dresses. If not, just check your local dress shop.

What are good bridesmaids dresses for plus size and petite women?

David's Bridal is an excellent selection for bridesmaids dresses. They have several options for sizes including plus size and petite. Empire style dresses work good for both plus size and petite.

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