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most are conserved with nature reserves but some have enforced laws but we can also help by: not wasting paper, etc. And by not cutting down trees or precious rain forest life. You can also adopt animals and make sure they are kept safe or even go out there and help yourself!

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Q: How can you save the rainforest?
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What can you do to save the Amazon rainforest?

Nothing. The rainforest is doomed.

Which organizations save the rainforest?

See the links for these below:* Bush Heritage, Australia * Rainforest Rescue * Amazon Conservation Team * Save the Rainforest * The Rainforest Site * Race for the Rainforest * Sustainable Harvest (Coffee) * Amazon Conservation

How do you save the rainforest?


What can people do to help save the rainforests?

people can save the rainforest by recycling paper, planting more trees and also educating other people to help save the rainforest

Can you get a poster on 'save the Amazon Rainforest'?

WE SHOULD GET save our earth

Is anyone trying to save toucans?

People are trying to save the rainforest so they have a home. That's why about how they will come extinct because the rainforest are evaporating.

Which oranizations work to save the Amazon?

STARO ( save the amazon rainforest organization) works with the natives in the amazon rainforest to educate people about over hunting,logging and other things that threaten the rainforest

What do you have to save the rainforest?

stop cuting tree

What does a butterfly do to save itself at the rainforest?

it hides.

Is Canada doing anything to save the rainforest?


How should you save the tropical rainforest animals?

Without your body, where would you live? The same thing goes for the animals in the rainforest. You should think of how to save their habitat, before you want to save the individual animal.

Why not to save the rainforest?

you should save it because we need trees to produce oxygen that we breathe

Why do you have a rainforest?

To save our life it gives us medicines

What do people do to save ocelots?

they stop the deforestation of the rainforest.

How can you save the amazon rainforest?

Stop cutting down trees.

Can we save the Daintree Rainforest?

We can, but we aren't! Go green! S.

What is being done to save the Amazon rainforest?


Why is it important to save the rainforest?

Its important to save a rainforest for many reasons. Like rainforests provide A LOT of water. Their plants provide soap, medicine, chocolate, vanilla and much more.

How can you save the rainforests?

Here Are A list of Things we can do to save the rainforest:Stop Illegal LoggingSet up Ecotourism In Areas Of the RainforestPromote Rubbertapping as a job as this doesn't kill the trees.

How could you save the African Grey parrot?

donating money to save the rainforest... protect the earth it is the only one we have

How do you save the Amazon rainforest?

Stop selling the land. Government protection.

Can chocolate save the rainforest?

it cant now, cadburys has been sold

Why are rainforest inportent?

the periwinkle plant is from the rain forest s from the rainforest and is used to treat lukimia so this plant can save lives

Should people become vegetarians to save the rainforest?

It would help. To save the rainforest however, we need political and economic changes, plus mass grassroots support to change the forces that cause deforestation.

How big is the Amazon?

5,500,000 square kilometers (2,123,562 square miles) However, the rainforest is shrinking. Deforestation is abusing the rainforest daily. People are cutting down trees for paper and to build new homes and building. Many animal habitats are getting destroyed every minute. Please help to save the rainforest by visiting charity websites and branches like 'save the rainforest' and 'rainforest concern'