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Secretly to someone you trust like"I just wanted to say..."


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buy them chocolates and say i love you

You say : Do you have a life ? And smile or if youre texting put a :) or ;).

Tell her youre sorry, i love you. Let your heart speak man

If you are around someone you love, there are many things you can say. For example, you can give them compliments or you can profess how much you love them.

if youre a girl you say aww and ily too if your a guy say thank you cutie

That mean thats someone is enjoying loving itself and the fact that they love someone else they love it

If youre askinf these question that means youre in LOVE right!well it is flower.

Mean they care about you but are not In Love with you

if youre not in love with that person then they will not go into the bed.

well , I'll say that love in now adayes is a rare thing and can not be found easily but there still some hope out there and if you loosed youre fathe in love maybe its because youre aies aren't opened well and it means that youre hart are locked and my advice to you is : don't expect frome the others to open youre hart and don't think they will Guss whats on youre mined you should make the first move!

depends how old you are if youre older than 18 get married right out of highschool if youre younger just wait till youre out of high school just wait to get married if youre truly in love

Answer When you love someone enough, you will find a way to tell them. You will know when the time is right.

Tell them why you feel you love them. Say it to their face

I love you would be a good start.

No, youre in love with yourself

They may say "I love you" because they do indeed love you. But do beware that some say that to get sex, money, or other things from you.

I would say in love is stronger then love. I would rather someone say "I am in Love with you" then I love you" Gives me more piloerections (goosebumps)

if the person is your mom/dad/bro/sis then say i love you too if the person is a good friend say i love you too but if you have fallen in romantic love then say nothing :)

mostly "with love _________" you could say "someone" on the blank if you want it to be secret

the way to tell someone you love them is just say it to them. okay what if you do tell them that you love them but they just laugh at you or they just say okay , and you don't picture it the way you want it ?!?

[Other Guy:]It's called just a friend by Mario, the same guy who sang let me love you[Me:]One Its Say Your Just A Friend By Austin Mahone Two "The Guy Who Sang Let Me Love You" Is Not Mario It was By Neyo Moron...

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