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How can you say you can go to.... in french?


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Vous pouvez aller à......


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how to say"lets go to the mountain" in french

to go outside is "sortir" in French

aller is how you say go in french. x

To say, "Will you go out with me one day?" in French you say: Sortirez-vous avec moi un jour ?

To go to work is aller au travail in French.

to go to is 'aller à ... (place name)' in French.

The expression 'go die' is translated 'va mourir' in French.

jus go on french translation and find out

The french wouldn't say "the movies" to mean a movie theater, they'd say "I go to the cinema." Je vais au cinéma

"To go there"- "Pour y aller"

Aller au cinéma means go to the movies in french(français)

To go sledding in French is 'aller faire de la luge'

to go up the stairs is 'monter les escaliers' in French.

You can say "grande"... you can also go online and find an English to french dictionary

Way to go!= Bien joué!

go to babblefish.com and type it in

You say hippopotame. go to www.wordreference.com for more translating

to go out is "sortir" in French. "out going" is translated by "sortant / sortante".

to go faster is "aller plus vite" in French. Va plus vite! means 'go faster!'

I go to bed is 'je vais au lit' or 'je vais me coucher' in French.

Je ne suis pas is the translation of I didn't go. This is the translation from English to French.

"allez les Leafs, allez"

Go to bed - allez au lit

Where did you go? - Où êtes-vous allé(e)?

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