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How do you say go up the stairs in french?


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to go up the stairs is 'monter les escaliers' in French.


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the landing (up the stairs) is called 'le palier' in French.

ask the other penguin 'you want to come up the stairs'they might say yes.but if you dont want to go up the stairs ask two penguins 'can you two go up the stairs' they might say yes

Subiendo las escaleras is how you say up the stairs in Spanish.

Nous avons monté les escaliers.

you go to the eyeDoctor and do the opposite of what you have to do and he Will say meet me up stairs so you go up stairs and he will give you a special suite put on the suit and go to the docks

Snakes have the ability to go up stairs. They use the belly muscles to move and that is the same way that they will go up the stairs.

Stairs go up and come down as well.

Stairs, you go up you go down but the stairs never move.

It depends. If you're describing someone who is actually standing on a step or walking up or down the stairs, you would say "on the stairs". If a person were standing in front of the stairs, you could say "at the stairs" or "at the staircase".

If you have the stars required to go up the stairs then it will be a very short time. However, if you do not have the stars you need to go up the stairs then you will find that the Endless Stairs are very much endless.

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When you get to the lighthouse, you go up the stairs with the torch and your player will say something. Go to your inventory and equip the thermometer and it will place it for you.

Go to a Pokemon Center, go up the stairs, then go to the right to the last lady. Go to a Pokemon Center, go up the stairs, then go to the right to the last lady. Go to a Pokemon Center, go up the stairs, then go to the right to the last lady.

The Captain is in his cabin which is, when you go in the boat you go to your left and you find a set of stairs. Go up the stairs and go down, and then turn right. keep going till you find another set of stairs and there you find your friend and when you defeat him you go up the stairs and your in his cabin

No. There is an elevator and stairs. The stairs go right up into the torch.

they can go up stairs but its more of a walk with the front leg and jumping with the back

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go to route 1 there will be a section of water then go the currents which will be to far left then there will be an island go up the stairs trough the grass then go down the stairs to the left then there will be an area of sand now there will be a tiny set of stairs go up then then there will be a set of stairs to the right go down then yet again there will be stairs to the right then go to the water. go to current that is shortest and then you'll be at the p2 laboratory.

Huck suggests that they use the stairs and just say to themselves that they climbed the lightning rod. Tom agrees and they go up the stairs.

Arriba means upstair while abajo means down stairs

Dont talk to the efather when you go in the house, go strait up the stairs to the balcony were Juliet is

their bodies arent used to going up steps and rocks

you go to dragon cove then go up the stairs kep walking then it will say enter go in then talk to the man to buy a boat

you go up the stairs and go in an elevator

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