How can you see for how long a user is active?

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Normaly, on the users bio page, it says when the last time they were on was, it gives the time and the date.
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What advantages does active directory offer for managing user accounts?

1. It will provide fully integrated security in the form of user logon's and authentication. 2. It makes easy in administration in the form of group policies and permissions. 3. It makes easy to identify the resources. 4. It will provide scalability, flexibility and extentiability. 5. It ( Full Answer )

Can an authorized user activate a credit card?

Yes, usually, but not always. It depends on the credit card, andwhether you have the information required. Sometimes the primaryuser has to activate them, but then the other authorized users canuse them. For instance, this is the message on a popular credit card site: "If you are an Authorized User ( Full Answer )

How many active users are on Facebook?

According to Facebook, there are currently 500 million active Facebook users. That's about 200 million more people than number registered users on RuneScape. Also about 494 million more people than number registered users on Minecraft. More recent studies show facebook have now over 750,000,00 ( Full Answer )

Why do you not see active volcanism in California?

Southern California is comprised of the San Andreas fault which is a transform fault that does not generate volcanoes. Therefore you do not see the distinct line of volcanoes that are present in both Washington and Oregon. However there are active volcanic systems still present in California. Not ( Full Answer )

Seeing antimicrobial activity in sand?

no. i hope there is only the activity of microbes. for example when it start raining a smell comes from the sand that is due to the activity of microbes(bacteria)

Can you retrieve user passwords from active directory?

It is not possible to see or obtain the password for an Active Directory user. That would breach the security measures that Windows attempts to put in place. The only thing you can do as an administrator is reset the password. But you can never identify the current password unless the user tells ( Full Answer )

How long does marijuana stay in the users body?

Depending on how often you smoke. Usually if the user quits it will take about 28 days for the THC to work its way out of your system. Also THC stores in fat cells very well so exercise can cause THC to re enter your system even after the 28 days. The best way to move it through quickly is to drink ( Full Answer )

How many active users are there on Twitter?

It's quite difficult to work out how many there are worldwide, especially since so many people are joining every day. There are, however, approximately 18 million users in the USA alone.

What does it mean when a user sees the command prompt Router config-if?

On a Cisco router, that means that you entered interface configuration mode; any command you give will affect the selected interface. For example, you may have given the commands:\n\n. Router> enable \n. Router# configure terminal \n. Router(config)# interface FastEthernet 1/0 \n. Router(config-i ( Full Answer )

Will Facebook ever let users see who views their profile?

Facebook's CEO said that wouldn't be happening because it adds another 'unnecessary' dimension to being on Facebook - worrying about who's viewing your profile, being cautious about viewing profiles because you know that person will find this stage, Facebook have said that won't be happenin ( Full Answer )

Where can you see all the contributions by a specific user on

Seeing All the Contributions by a Specific User There are various ways of tracking down the contributions of a specific user: 1) Via a registered member's profile: You will see - under the Stats box - a box called "Recent contributions." At the bottom of that box, click on "[see all]" t ( Full Answer )

What flags can ordinary users not see on WikiAnswers?

There are only a few types of flags that ordinary users cannot see. These tend to be things that need Super Powers to fix, such as the ability to revert answers. These include flags like: . Large Text Deletion . Long Answer Changed . Suspicious edit . URL in answer . Answered with question

What do you mean by active directory user?

Active directory users are nothing but the ones those are authenticated or able to access the directory with all the benefits of directory

Are users part of the active directory?

yes users are the important part of active directory as the users are assigned the permission to use the resources, groups, printers .We can assign users to a group and apply permission on them we can put them in OU and apply restriction /permission etc.Without users there is no meaning of resources ( Full Answer )

How can you make in php to see which user has modify his data and how?

If you want just information on user modifications then it would be no problem as you just need to add 2 columns Last Modified On(use date function) & No of Modifications (put int) . To see changes to the data would require use of logs. Storing changes in database is not recommended.

Why error is displayed while creating new users in active directory users and computers?

The error could be due to folwloing The network is down. The domain controller is not reachable(PDC is not available need to check, RID stack is not full and RID master is not down) The account used does not have permission to add user/computer etc Check the event log to find the event id ( Full Answer )

Will Gaia users see your Birth date?

yes,gaians will see your birth date. you can get an achievement for logging in on your birthday.your birthday can also tell how old you are,or get in years .For example, 11 years old.

Can you see shamans in animal jam what are their users?

Yes, but they are not very common in Jamaa anymore. I met Graham the monkey shaman a while back (his user was Graham), but AJHQ workers (like guides and shamans) can't be searched for with the buddy search tool. To learn more and see a picture of Graham visit this URL- ( Full Answer )

Can Google Plus users see what websites you browse?

Other Google+ users cannot see your browsing history, but they are able to see which pages you have +1'd. If you are signed into Google+, Google is able to see what you searched and which links in the results you clicked on, but they are unable to view your history outside the Google domain. If you ( Full Answer )

How can all twitter users see your tweets?

If your account isn't protected then anyone can go to your profile and see your tweets. Similarly, your tweets can appear in search results. For example, if someone searches "dog" and you mention "dog" in one of your tweets then it will appear in the results.

How many active users does MySpace still have?

Myspace has about 25 million active users. This number may not be An accurate number, since there are certain Myspace account holder who have multiple accounts.

Which file allows you to see user account Linux?

It is the passwd file located in /etc directory. To view the contents of this file, type; cat /etc/passwd Note:- You will see more user accounts in this file than youknow of. That's because the rest are system accounts which arecrucial to the proper functioning of your system