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Q: How can you see what someone else is doing on your computer?
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Can someone else see what you do in your iPod through another computer?

no but there is an app that let you see what others do on their computer

What does the phrase ''monkey see monkey do?

when someone else is doing something and you copy them and what they are doing

If you edit a site with java is it only on your computer?

Yes, it only affects your computer. Once you refresh or leave the page, it goes back to normal. If someone else views the page with their computer, they will not be able to see what you are doing.

Can someone on your home group network log on to your computer from there computer and see what you have been doing?

It Is Possible But You Would Have To Be Clever

What does it mean when you say you can do you?

Answer Someone else can do you but unless you are double if not tripple jointed, I don't see you doing yourself.

While usig wifi can someone see what your doing on the internet?

yes because your connected to their internet or computer

Is it possible for someone to hack into you computer and see what your doing?

Yes it is,virus' like these are called spyware and are used by hackers to spy on what you do in your computer once they enter your computer

Can someone view your iPod history from your computer My iPod connected to my Mac. Can someone see what I'm doing at the same time?

Yes by talking with someone from apple

What are the importance of a computer monitor?

to see what are you doing in the computer

Why is spyware bad to have on your computer?

It is bad because if someone has put spyware on your computer then they can see everything that your doing on your computer and they can also read all of your passwords and accounting information that your have on your computer. They basicly have control over your ccomputer and can see everything.

What is the computer monitor for?

Its to see what you are doing

How does peace inspires us?

If peace inspires someone, a person could see someone else who is peaceful and calm and they could think 'wow they are relaxed and peaceful, i am going to be like that'. they like what someone else is doing or is like and then they want to do it or be like that because it is inspiring.

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