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it could be your altonartor

to do it yourself you need the folowiing, a decent multi meter with an accurate amps gauge or an amps gauge. the guage should be able to read up to 20 amps with a .1 amp accuracy

assuming you have this

remove all the cables from the battery clean them thouroughly and clean the terminals. as far as practical remove the followinig cables from the vehicle and inspect them for damage and good clean contacts. Earth cable (ones from battery- body and body-engine or vice versa) main starter cable and the main alternator-battery charging cable, with these cables cleaned and replaced do the following

1. disconnect the earth lead from the battery and connect the earth terminal to the meter/gauge and then earth the other terminal to the chassis or engine part.

2. note the reading on the guage and pull fuses one at a time and replace them when you see the meter reading drop you have found the circut that has the leak, if you can live without it leave the fuse out or grab the manual find ou what is on that circut that could be causing the problem and remove that item or have it repaired. (some circuts will draw a minor current even when everything is off for example a98 `v8 discovery with abs, electronic everything has a .4 amp draw on the battery with everything off)

3. if this gives no result disconnet the main charging lead from the back of the alternator and check the meter, if this is the problem buy a new alternator or if your vehicle is fitted with an external voltage reulator have that fixed.

4. are you sure its the vehicle dringingthe battery, if the battery has a dying cell that will cause the battery to go flat and 2. is it getting charged by the alternator?

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Q: How can you solve a battery drain problem on a Ford Escort?
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