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You usually can't control your period but you can keep a calander or keep track of it and try to guess about every 28 days for 5 days. If it's the first year there most likely won't be a pattern. If you need to start it early, Google 'vitamin C period'. If you need to delay your period, you'll need to talk to your doctor about Norethisterone.


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if you start your period a week early is that a sign of pregnancy?

There is not a problem if you start your period a week early. It is completely normal for this to happen.

It is perfectly normal to start your period weeks early and its dark brown. You mostly start with dark brown when you start your period and it turns red.

it just means your starting puberty early

Hello. Yes if you start your pills earlier you will start your period within four weeks. If you miss any pills, you will start your period earlier.

Depends on your age. Your period starts usually from ages 9-16. So it's normal to start early ( whatever that means). But if you don't have your period by the age of 16 then you should consult your doctor.

You can't make your period come on early, your period will only start when it is due to start. You cannot speed-up your menstrual cycle or skip phases of your menstrual cycle to cause menstruation to start earlier, it just doesn't work like that.

On average, girls get their first period at age 12-13. But it can start as early as 8 or 9, or as late as 16 or 17.

your bones will start to close in closer and you will stop growing meaning you will be short if its to early.

All girls are different. Some start puberty earlier than others.

It is not normal to get your period that early. If a 5 year old did start her period then it would be recommended that she see a doctor.

Yes, If you are just beginning birth control or starting a new birth control it can cause a period to be early or a little late

You normally start between the age of 10 - 15 years some start early some start late we all are individual.

If you have a short cycle you could start as early as the 8th day after your period. Count from the first day it came on and if you period last for 3 to 4 days then you could start early

ages 9-16 some people also may start there period as early as 10 or some late as 16 hope that helped!!

No. You will be fine. Forgetting several days will result in starting your period early.

no it means ur just about to start your period :)

If you mean start early as in--the first time you've ever had a period, not that I know of. If I'm not mistaken, early onset menstruation is hormone related. Could be genetics as well.If you mean start early as in--your period came at eg: 22 days instead of the usual 28 days, then yes. Stress can also make your period come late (like 32 days or so) or not have it that month at all.

typically around 11 or 12 but many girls can start as early as 8 or as late as 16

I have before my period, I start my period for 3 days then My period was stop after my period for 3 days, I want to know what happened to me?

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