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How can you stop acne?

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To stop acne in the future, use a good reputable face wash. I recommend using 'Clean And Clear'. All of them seem to work, however the ones that say 'Daily' or 'Spots' specifically are the ones you want. Another tip: Drink plenty of water, this reduces spots appearing on your face. It reduces oil in the skin.

2014-11-11 22:51:41
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Is it possible for adults to suffer from acne?

It is possible for adults to suffer from acne as acne is partly based on genetics. Medications from a licensed dermatologist can help stop adult acne.

Can sex stop acne?

Very true

What is the best way to stop acne from face any food medication or something?

The best way to stop acne from appearing on your face is with a prescription medication. Your doctor will have to prescribe you the medication, which is available in both cream and pill form. There is not food that you can use on acne to stop it.

I wash my face everyday with acne wash but I still get acne so how do I stop it?

If you wash your face everyday with acne wash but you still get acne, it is important that you see a dermatologist for thorough examination.

When does acne stop?

Acne never stops,It just gets more controllable and rarer over the years.

How can you stop ance from coming when you stop taking the pill The pill has cleared up your acne but you would like to stop?

Speak to your DR who may be able to prescribe you some medication or cream to help with your acne.

Does marijuana cause acne?

yes, so stop smoking

What is the average age for acne to stop?

Average male adolescence ends at 21/22. However, I would say it's safe to say acne can stop early or later for some.

What is the benefit of Murad acne spot treatment?

Murad acne spot treatment is beneficial because it effectively and reliably works to treat and stop acne with a combination of sulfur and salicylic acid to work against the bacteria that causes acne.

Does toothpaste helps prevent acne?

nope makes it worse try rubbing deodorant on your face where you get sweat! that 'ill stop Ur acne!

If you smoked marijuana since you hit puberty and you have had acne your whole life what should you do to get rid of your acne?

Stop smoking. And use some acne stuff. and i highly recommend "clean and clear acne Wash" or any other clean and clear product!!

Why does acne grow?

Acne can develop for a number of reasons. The main reason acne develops is because a person is genetically more likely to have acne. This still isn't enough to cause it though. That person must also be eating and drinking certain foods that will cause acne. In certain people dairy and sugar can cause acne. Cutting these foods out can reduce or stop acne completely. A book called acne no more goes into detail about food and acne. Ultimately you need to remove these foods from your diet, else you will suffer with acne.

If you were acne prone before the pill but did not have any episodes after being on the pill for 15 years will you get acne after you stop the pill?

According to Dr. Fulton, (co-developer of Retin A and acne expert) when you get on birth control pills you are only delaying your acne. In other words, you will have the acne you would've had once you get off the pills.

How does Proactiv Solution help your acne condition?

Proactiv Solution contains a higher dosage of salicylic acid which is great at fighting off acne and keeping it away. The only downside is after you stop using the product your acne can come back, so if you plan to stop using it you may want to pick up another product to keep it away after you stop use.

Can acne caused by Prednisone be treated without stopping the Prednisone?

yes you can treat the acne, but it will not go away completely until you are finished with the prednisone. usually it takes about a week after you stop taking steroids for the acne to go away depending on how severe the acne is. good luck

What are some effective ways to stop chin acne?

Put salt on your chin.

Does lemon honey and sugar help to stop acne?

My uncle did it and I kinda worked

How do you have no acne?

It depends on what you mean exactly. Some people's genetics mean they are highly unlikely to get acne, others are highly likely to get acne. If you have or are likely to get acne, the best way to have no acne is to remove certain foods from your diet. Foods such as dairy products, a lot of wheat, and fried foods cause many people to have acne. The book <a href="">acne no more</a> helps you to indentify the foods that specifically cause you acne, as well as how to detox your system. Acne is essentially toxins and bacteria coming from the inside of your body due to what you eat and drink. If you change what you eat and drink, you can stop acne happening at all.

Is acne a natural cause?

Yes Acne is very natural. Your pores on your body overproduce cells and they become blocked. You have to stop this process. I've got severe acne and found a great natural way to cure and prevent acne for good. Check it out. It's great

How long do we have to use proactive?

until the medication is all gone. the thing is, if you stop using it even if most of your acne is gone, the acne can still reappear. it's like when doctors prescribe penecillin to patients. they have to continue to take it until all the pills are gone, otherwise the bacteria can build resistance and become ever harder to overcome. same with acne, if you stop using it, the next time the acne comes, it will become more resistant to the medication, and it will be harder to rid the acne. :D

What can be done to protect acne?

I used Clearaphil and it works like magic. Sadly there is no way for acne to stop coming. If you use that scrub you will have your face clear in a month. I speak from experience.

Will acne stop me joining the army?

Severe acne, or any acne cannot prevent you from enlisting for the army. To stop acne in the future, use a good reputable face wash. I recommend using 'Clean And Clear'. All of them seem to work, however the ones that say 'Daily' or 'Spots' specifically are the ones you want. Another tip: Drink plenty of water, this reduces spots appearing on your face. It reduces oil in the skin.

What do you put in your bath to stop acne?

you could allways use proactive, i havent use it but i know people who have and it is a bath soap and really gets rid of acne!, unfortunitley you might have to order it:/

How can you stop getting under the skin bumps on your chin?

I think if you use acne cream it should stop but, if that does not work then I would not know what I would do because that is what I do.

How do you hide your acne scars?

To hide acne scars, use cover up from Clinique. If you want to get rid of acne for good, use Proactive. You might think that the commercial people are overdoing it by advertising Proactive every two seconds, but they're not. I use Proactive every day and it always works. The zits just stop. Or, you can stop eating junk food and exercise more to get rid of acne if you're too cheap to buy Proactive. Yes, it's about $60.