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In UNIX: with command kill, in Windows: from Task Manager.

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Q: How can you stop computer programmes running in the background?
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How can one optimize their bandwidth?

There are multiple ways to optimize bandwidth. While working in your browser window, be sure to try to keep one browser window open at a time. This increases the stream. Use an optimizer performance checker online to see how the computer is ranging in bandwidth. See what is running on your computer in your start up properties and stop running what is not needed. A shortcut to shutting down unnecessary running programs on your computer. Start menu, type in the search box, "msconfig". Depending on your operating system, a display for an msconfig window will appear. Just check all that apply. If your computer does nothing, believe it or not, you already did it. Now restart your computer.

What cause a refrigerator to stop running?

It might have got tired

What is a TrapHandler?

A trap handler, also called an interrupt handler or interrupt service routine (ISR) is a program that executes when predefined events occur in a computer. There are software and hardware interrupts. An interrupt causes the computer's processor to stop running its current task and immediately run the trap handler to service the interrupt.

What is the algorithmic unsolvability?

There are many problems for which it can be proven that they are, at least in the general case, unsolvable - in other words, no algorithm can ever be found to solve them. As an example, one of the first problems for which this unsolvability has been proven is the Halting Problem - determining whether an arbitrary computer program will ever stop, or run forever. Alan Turing showed that solving the halting problem is not possible, in the general case. Note that for some specific computer programs, it might be possible to show that they stop, or that they will continue running forever - but such an algorithm is not possible for ALL computer programs.

What are some ways that makes robots stop working?

Remove the power supply, order the robot to stop on the controlling computer, or unconnect the fuel lines.

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How can you stop internet explorer in your computer from stalling?

You need to turn off some of your applications that are running in the background. Also do not have unnecessary tabs open.

What is the meaning of execution and terminating the programmes?

execution is the process by which a computer carries out the instructions of a computer program. terminating program is to stop the program from execution.

I reset the memory. How do you reset computer and stop fan from running?

You dont want to stop your computers fan from running. It will overheat and break if you do that.

Why would a PC only defrag two percent?

there is something running in the background to stop your defrag, stop all processes in the background such as anti virus, screen savers etc. Also stop screen saver like they said anything running will cause it to run very slow.

How can you stop the dog barking on your computer in the background?

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANSWER: Read articles on dog behavior and training aqnd train him/her/them to stop barking. They are most likely not "trusting" the computer. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What is the Name of the program used to start or stop a service running in the background?

run "bg" command

What can make the computer go out in a car?

can a bad altenator make my computer in my car to stop running

Whats is an example for interruption?

An example of interruption is when a computer signal that will tell the computer to stop running a current program.

Why is your site so slow it's not my computer.?

Too much content running since you haven't bothered to join or stop them from running

When refreshing a connection in the status bar which option do you select if you want to check the status of a refresh?

Answer is Background refresh, see below :Check the status of a refresh operation or cancel a refreshDo one or more of the following:Check the status of a query A spinning icon appears on the status bar to indicate that the query is running. Double-click the Background Refresh icon to check the status of the query.Stop a background refresh To stop a query that is running in the background, double-click theBackground Refresh icon on the status bar to display the External Data Refresh Status dialog box, and then click Stop Refresh.Stop a query To stop a query from running when Enable background refresh is turned off, press ESC.

Why do short video clips stop running on your PC?

No really knows but it could be only your computer or your program

How do you stop running?

You stop running by slowly slowing down the rate of your running. Or basically, you slow down until you stop.