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You can't.

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If an American citizen gives birth in Jamaica is the child considered an American or Jamaican citizen and will the child be able to go to America without paperwork

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Q: How can you stop illegal immigrants marry citizen to obtain their citizenship?
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Is it illegal for a US citizen to marry an immigrant for money?

Yes, it is illegal to marry for money to allow someone to obtain citizenship status.

Is it legal or illegal if already married Indian wants to arrange his second marriage with American citizen just to obtain the American citizenship?

It is illegal.

Are Illegal immigrants having babies to obtain legal status?

yes. the baby is then a US citizen and can bring family into the country.

How do you obtain citizenship in Barbados?

I am an Irish Citizen and wish to become a Barbados citizen

Immigrants who obtain citizenship in their new country?

naturalized citizeens

If an illegal alien is married to a US citizen for reason of obtaining citizenship do they lose citizenship if they get divorced?

A alien legally or illegally to the country can not gain citizenship if they get married to a American they have to apply for citizenship to obtain it. That is the answer to the question because the cirumstances of the question does not exist.

How do you obtain a new identity?

if you want to be a new citizen of a country, you can register for citizenship.

Can a us citizen and and illegal obtain a marriage license in Arizona?


Can illegal immigrants gain a drivers license in Texas?

No. Illegal immigrants cannot legally obtain a drivers license in any state in the US.

Can an illegal immigrant get documents after marriage with a us citizen?

Yes, an illegal immigrant, in the US can get married to an American citizen and obtain their documents

What are the categories of US citizenship?

There is one and only category that is US citizen. Through the naturalization process using the USCIS Form N-400 or as citizen by birth to US citizen parent the citizenship can be obtained.The Form N-600 can be used to obtain the US citizenship certificate as proof for citizenship.

Can an illegal immigrant obtain legal residency by marrying a US citizen?


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